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Kit Kat Doughnut Fries Have Landed And Our Hearts Just Stopped Beating

By Jessica Pridmore
15th Mar 2018


If ever there were a specific location you could pinpoint as to the undoing of all your clean eating/gym efforst, Eat Street Northshore would easily the front runner.

Not a week goes by where this infamous market’s Komi Lane (the likes of Double Good, The Doughnut Bar, Chocolate Komberry Co. and the like, reside here) doesn’t come out with yet another crazy dessert designed to send our sugar cravings into meltdown—and this week is no exception.

Say hello to your next sinful sugar surge; Kit Kat doughnut fries. Yep, Brisbane’s iconic doughnut fries doused in Milo malt-chocolate soft serve, chocolate wafers, Malteasers—I mean, why the heck not?—and thick chocolate sauce, decorated with Kit Kat fingers to finish. It’s a malty, crunchy, melty thingy—and we’re so here for it.

Available exclusively at Eat Street Northshore at The Doughnut Bar, this is one dessert we’re willing to cancel the calorie counting for.

Image credit: The Doughnut Bar

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