This Local Favourite Is The North Side’s Best Kept Secret!

By Jessica Pridmore
29th Oct 2014

The best restaurants in Brisbane know how to get the atmosphere just right— that certain je ne sais quoi—usually a killer combo of so-good-it's-sinful food, in a casual yet elegant space with minimal fuss, and great service. When we stumble on a Brisbane restaurant that ticks all those boxes, and leaves us so at ease we can fly our inner greedy-pig-flag without fear of persecution, we think it's worth shouting about. When said restaurant has bacon ice cream on the menu, it's more like a scream.

Since opening in the middle of trendy north-side suburb, Albion, Artie & Mai have come off the blocks like nobody's business, quickly racking up a strong local following for their delicious breakfast dishes and crazy-good $20 Pizza and Beer Wednesdays (a TUL fave).

Not content with offering up tasty—and, might we add, totally delicious staples  (we're looking at you crispy pork belly with maple caramel)—this little spot in the 'burbs is punching well above its weight with a new menu for the change of season, competing with some of the flashiest fine dining menus and besting some of the best restaurants in Brisbane for the creative food being dished up and quality of service. Artie & Mai are basically killing it like it 'aint no thing!

Artie & Mai's overarching ethos is to inspire a relaxed and decidedly local atmosphere, from the décor to the menu—where practically everything is made in-house, including the condiments—is focused towards fostering a creatively 'shared' culinary experience.

Artie & Mai Best Restaurants brisbane

Any plate designed to be put in the middle and divvied up amongst your party like ravenous beasts gets our vote, and it is easy to see why Artie & Mai has a fierce local loyalty. Their soon-to-be infamous banana French toast with salted caramel and candied bacon ice cream verges on criminal, while hero dishes like the popcorn chicken and their perfectly pink beef sirloin have patrons coming back again and again.

Dessert will definitely get you hot under the collar: Artie & Mai's fresh cinnamon doughnuts are addictive, but 'The Chocolate Orange' (a Blumenthal-esque creation, made of chocolate mousse and coated in orange gel, served with Cointreau ice cream) is something pretty special.

Yep, you'll even find 'soil' on the menu here (albeit a chocolate version)—those clever minds in the kitchen have gone above and beyond, making fancy(ish) food more accessible for all, and that deserves a big fat thank you… just maybe not from your waistline!

Artie and Mai Albion Best Restaurants brisbane

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Image Credits: Daniel Maddock

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