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Move Over Ombre | The New Hair Trend You’ll Be Wearing This Year

By Sophia McMeekin
1st Oct 2014

There's a new hair trend in town, which promises to sun-kiss your mane, light up your features, and kick the ombre hair trend to the curb (yippee!).

It's called spotlighting (or splashlighting by some), and we predict it's going to be on heads everywhere soon.

How does spotlighting work?

Rather than highlight the ends of your hair like an ombre dye job would, splashlighting uses a band of highlights around the cheekbones to make it look as though the sun is shining on your locks with all its golden glory. Read: pretty, shiny hair. 

Fans of the new spotlighting trend promise this look is even more natural than balayage, which works the highlights down to the tips. By focusing the highlights around the face in a 'spotlight' like effect, spotlighting draws the attention to your most important features — namely your eyes and mouth.

The result is gloriously beach babe-ish hair. But, be warned, like any hair endeavour that involves bleach, this look can go very wrong. The key is to keep it natural (don't go too far from your base shade) and integrate more highlights into the back and lengths of the hair, so your spotlight doesn't look out of place with the rest of your mane. Badger stripes are not hot.

Is This the End of Balayage?

No way. Rather than spell the end of balayage, think of the spotlighting or splashlighting hair trend as balayage's highlighting cousin — the two can live harmoniously together. Like balayage, the aim of spotlighting is to add dimension and movement to your hair (as opposed to ombre, which is just bleaching the ends), and both spotlighting and balayage should be applied by hand and be unique to the wearer.

Image credit: The Chronicles of Her

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