Never Had a Massage? Here Are 7 Reasons You Need to Get on Board

By Desta Cullen
3rd Nov 2014

We know massage is one of those touchy subjects (see what I did there?) that polarises people. You either love it or you hate it. 

While here at TUL HQ, we question the sanity of anyone that doesn't want all their worldly tensions eased through some expert muscle kneading, we do understand that finding the perfect massage in Brisbane can be a knot inducing task in itself! 

To save the potential pain inflicted on your already suffering muscles, we caught up with the purveyors of some of the best massages in Brisbane, the team at No More Knots, to assuage any doubts you may have about remedial massage. 

With two locations — Taringa and Greenslopes — the crew at No More Knots have been working their way through the most difficult, and tense, muscles that Brisbane has to offer for more than 25 years. 

Here, this nimble-handed team take us through the top 7 reasons to jump on to the massage bandwagon.

There are about a thousand things* that massage can help with. 

Massage can help fix more than just your sore and tight muscles, and both remedial massage and musculoskeletal therapy are scientifically proven to help with a plethora of ailments including such as pregnancy discomfort, headaches and migraine, sciatic and lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, numbness, pins and needles — the list goes on. It's also amazing for fluid retention, injury rehabilitation and mental health issues too. Can't argue with science! 

*This may be a slight exaggeration. 

It's not just for 'girls' or athletes!

Sure, the cliché would have you believe that massages are the domain of the spa-loving lady of leisure but, actually, guys make up about 40% of visits to massage therapists in Australia, and the number is growing everyday. Even if you aren't a hardcore athlete, then massage can still be your best friend, and one of Brisbane's best massage clinics is the place to start! No More Knots therapists treat office workers, labourers, children and the elderly, who all get amazing results from their sessions.     

Because they're experts! 

The type of therapist and clinic makes a BIG difference to your experience, and you more often than not you get what you pay for. Sure, the bargain basement clinics (with super low prices) may be appealing but they're cheaper for a reason. Usually it means that they don't offer fully qualified and well-trained therapists, which is pretty dangerous when it comes to your aching neck. 

Kristy and Dan say it's super important to make sure you do your homework on any massage therapist, their qualifications, the professional development programs they have in place, so you know you are in safe hands. Don't be afraid to ask your therapists these questions either!

You don't have to fear the strip down.

Remedial massage therapists have pretty much seen it all, so you don't need to visit the gym for a month or the beauty therapist first! Not afraid of getting down to your Reg Grundies in front of your doctor? Then you'll be fine to do the same around your favourite massage therapist. They see nothing but exposed bodies of all shapes, sizes and colours all day long, every day, and they are far from precious! A great therapist will always ensure you have clear instructions for towel draping/privacy (No More Knots like the 'superman technique; where you wrap the towel around your neck like a cape and then lay on the table belly down), and they should be skilled at making any adjustments so you feel comfortable at all times. 

You don't need to be in pain to get results! 

Yes, some people love the 'good pain' and even though discomfort and a slight level of pain just what the doctor ordered, you should never have to be close to tears or be ready to jump off the table! Good therapists will always use a pain scale of 1-10 or 1-5 when they are working in areas that are tender, injured or if they have never seen you before. They should guide you through this and check in with you any time they are working on a new region or problem area. Communication is key to an amazing treatment that will get you results & feeling great, always speak up if something isn't quite right. Don't hesitate to high-five them to show your appreciation if you love it, either. 

Because the Romans did it. 

Massage has been around for ages and even the Romans were on to it. The first recorded sports physician/massage therapist used to work at Circus Maximus with the gladiators! Today's massage therapists have come a long way, and after a session at No More Knots, they'll show you the best stretches to address your problem areas, and stay limber, longer.

You can claim on some private health funds. 

Kristy and Dan say that you could have access to $1000 per year for remedial massage claims and rebates or just $100, depending on your fund. Recently though, one of the biggest private health funds in Australia has changed their terms for two of their most popular levels of cover so that remedial massage can only have up to $100 worth of rebates per year, where previously it was $450. Moral of the story? Know your rights, and take advantage!

Click here to book in a sesh' with some of Brisbane best massage therapists!

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