A New Bachelor In Paradise Trailer Just Dropped & The Whole Gang Is There

By Ange Law
13th Mar 2018


Shout out to anyone who was drowning themselves in the I’m A Celeb finale last night. You lucky ducks scored a big, fat, huge, maybe TMI look into the Bachelor in Paradise world, and that means you also saw all of the new people they just casually announced would be headed to paradise soon. 

Today’s Bach news is important okay, because it involves a couple of the US Bachelor men and we are done. Already. 

At the time of writing this article, we couldn’t find the offending trailer online so we like to think they released it by accident and this is the exclusive scoop. 

Here are all the newbies and where to stalk them on Insta. You are so welcome, guys.  

Canadian Daniel

Shout out to the O.G. US Bach fans. You’ll be excited about this one. Straight up, we don’t know how we feel about this guy heading down under for BiP. He’s perhaps the muscliest guy going around but he’s also a total kook. In a good way? Canadian Dan was heard saying something to the effect of “I’m just here to steal all of yo’ girls” and we just love this weirdo so much. Also, he has the same surname as Keira. Coincidence?

Grant Kemp

Grant is a firefighter from San Fran and he has been on a couple of seasons with Canadian Dan by now. The poor sod is about to do it all again, this time surrounded my Aussies. Could be worse, we guess. He also dated Lace (who is crazy AF guys), so he’ll no doubt have stories to tell. You can stalk him here

Blake Coleman

Blake is best known for being a bit of a douche on the show, being (quite honestly) awful to Jarrod, and not in a funny way. He also probably peed in Jarrod’s love fern.

Elora Murger

Oh Elora. Flame-twirling, Tahitian, confident Elora. She was twirling fire with Apollo on the beach in the latest trailer and we guess that kind of makes sense—you can pre-stalk her here

Simone Ormesher

Best known for never ever (ever) getting a single date with Matty, she was also shamed over her past life as a topless waitress (not cool, guys). Also, she’s kind of hilarious. She was crying A LOT in the ad and we are so ready for this level of dramz. Stalk her here

Brett Moore

Poor Brett didn’t score much screen time during Soph’s season, and we’re already confused that he’s posting a lot of loved up pics with Steph from Matty’s season on Insta—maybe she lands in paradise too and they hit it off? We don’t know guys. Stalk him (and her) here

Mackane Reid

He’d been obsessed with Soph for years (it clearly didn’t work out) and now he’s headed for paradise. That’s literally all we have to say. 

Leah Costa

Ooooh boy. If you loved the infamous moment when Ali tried to kiss Tim but was awkwardly rebuffed, then you’d also be well acquainted with Leah trying to kiss Matty J in front of all the gals and, well, being awkwardly rebuffed. Leah is best known for being awful to literally everyone she ever came across on the show, even Matty TBH. This. Will. Be. Interesting. 

Megan Marx

You’d remember Megan as the women who had a connection with Richie, only to get booted and shacked up with fellow contestant, Tiffany, instead. They’ve since split and according to a few pap shots on Daily Mail, was very much in paradise. Stalk her here

Jake Ellis

After being ditched by Georgia Love right after home visits, good guy Jake is back to try his luck again at a shot at love. He was papped on the beach with Megan and guys, that’s good enough for us. https://www.instagram.com/jakeellis86/

Nina Rolleston

Cast your minds back, to the days before we realised how obvious it was that Sam Wood would end up with Snez. That's when Nina was on the scene and we remember her giving great commentary; here's hoping she brings it all back for this one. Check out her Insta here

Here are all the other contestants we know so far. 

Image credit: TenPlay

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