PSA: This Cafe Is Serving Up Melbourne’s Infamous Butterbing Cookies!

By Catherine Blake
23rd Feb 2018

Last year Morning After brought the wee beauties to the sunny hills of Brisbane and we still haven’t stopped frothing over them. Now Brisbane’s getting a second hook up for the famed Butterbings at The Emporium Barber, so you can have your pursuit of manliness with a little snacky on the side.

For those unfamiliar with The Emporium Barber’s set up, these guys basically take the concept of grooming and pampering and drive it to its multisensory extreme. Besides your standard snip, shave and hot towel routine, The Emporium Barber also run a tandem café operation to fix you up with a delectable cup of java, and now, gloriously, a little Melburnian treat.

A word on Butterbings. The Melbourne sensation consists of two cookies sandwiched together with ganache. They’re delicious, moreish, and gluten free, which makes them reminiscent of a macaron only way, way more indulgent and, in the case of the maxi-sized Butterbooms, heaps bigger. The flavours of Butterbings are constantly evolving as their creators are always dreaming new and exciting treats from Buttered Popcorn to Konomi Maple Matcha, but their hero range always remains constant. The four heroes are Nutella, Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter, and we recommend starting there for your first Butterbing experience.

The details

What: Butterbings 
Where: The Emporium Barber, Bowen Hills

Image credit: The Emporium Barber

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