Suburb Spotlight | Where To Eat, Shop & Play in South Brisbane

By Desta Cullen
12th Nov 2014

With so many cool little suburbs full of great dining and shopping options in Brisbane, we think we're pretty lucky when it comes to looking for a great burb' to settle down in in our fair city. 

But all those options means you have to choose, and all that choice presents a pretty pesky dilemma: how do you pick a suburb that is the perfect fit for you? 

Just like buying the perfect pair of jeans, it's not something you can do on a whim. You need recommendations, friends!

South Brisbane, in case you hadn't notice, is one inner-city 'burb with some serious potential. Bordering boho enclave West End (and a short stroll to South Bank's cultural precinct) it's brimming with some of Brisbane's best cafes and restaurants, boutique shops, great parks and an awesome nightlife—that's the kind of backyard we can get down with. 

Besides the great chow and shopping, South Brisbane has another major advantage, because it's home to one of Brisbane's hottest new residential developments, Opera. These guys know their stuff when picking the hottest up-and-coming areas to build their coveted apartments, and South Brisbane's where it's all happening. 

To help you in creating your relocation pros and cons list—and to make your decision even easier—we've round up the best places to eat, shop and play in South Brisbane. (Editor's Tip: We predict the pros list is going to be waaay longer!)


Love food, but not so keen on the cooking caper that goes along with it? We reckon life's too short for slaving over a hot stove too, and South Brisbane has a myriad of places to nosh morning, noon, or night. Among our favourites are Two Trees Espresso, Merriweather Café, Era Bistro, Birdsnest Yakitori, The Lunch Box Kiosk (who also sell another TUL fave, YummBox), Peel Street Kitchen, newbie Milk Factory Kitchen & Bar, and Swampdog Fish & Chips. That should keep you busy for a while!


The coolest bars, with amazing atmosphere, serving up the yummiest drinks all within walking (read: stumbling) distance? Hell, yes. That's our idea of location, location. Choose from Fox Hotel, Hoo Ha Bar, Tomahawk Bar, Soleil Pool Bar, Granada Tapas Bar, or Milk Factory Kitchen & Bar to be your regular watering hole, or do what the cool kids do and play the field! Maybe West End's bars are more your style? We'd highly recommend this West End bar crawl itin' if you are looking for ideas. 


Despite South Brisbane's very alluring attributes, Opera is set to be such an awesome place to live we wouldn't blame you if never left your apartment. The 180 residences have been designed with our lovely sub-tropical climate in mind, with living areas opening up in to balconies that are perfect for weekend barbeques, or a bubbles and sunset session. The uninterrupted views of the city and out to Mt Cootha from upper levels are pretty alright, and word on the street is that these views are here to stay! As if all those pretty vistas weren't enough, the rooftop pool and entertainment area—also with views of the Brisbane skyline—is yours for the partying, so live it up.

Opera is registering interested buyers now, and these modern one, two and three bedroom apartments start at just $385,000! Send an email or call 1300 763 816 to get your patch of inner-city livin'.

Image Credits: Geoff Zabelle, Jeff Andersen, Hannah McAwley, Daniel Maddock, Opera Development

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