Summer Fitness Ideas For Every Laziness Level

By Sophia McMeekin
31st Oct 2014

If the sudden arrival of summer has completely thrown you off, like it has us, chances are you're staring at your thighs right now and thinking that the beach escape you've planned for two weeks time was a bad idea. 

Before you cancel your plans and crawl inside a bag of Doritos, take a gander at our handy summer fitness guide. We've rounded up some of Brisbane's best personal trainers and gyms and sorted them by laziness level, so all you have to do is show up.

Laziness Level: Fitness Freak

Anchor Training | Kelvin Grove
Counted among the best personal trainers in Brisbane, Anchor Training not only know how to whip your bod' into shape, but they know how to make the workout process fun so you don't give up before you have a chance to shift some bulge. Anchor Training use high energy, 'adventure focused' workouts (see, it's exciting!) to keep you entertained. Hot tip: Their 42-day Anchor Strong Challenge is kicking off on the 1st of November, and is open for registration now! (Email the team here to book your spot).

Laziness Level: Sometimes Sweater

Revive | Ashgrove
If you're not averse to a workout or two, but prefer fitness methods of the gentle persuasion, you might want to check out what the team at gorgeous Ashgrove Pilates studio, Revive are up to. If you're after the long-and-svelte look, Revive's Barre Ballet class might be the answer. While this is a serious workout (read: hot body), the dance component will leave you energised, coordinated, and calm. To score a spot in a barre ballet class phone the friendly team at Revive to book! 

Laziness Level: Low-Intensity Lover

Studio Pilates | Hamilton
Not all of us have the stamina and commitment for a fitness challenge, but that doesn't mean you can't still get some much needed toning sessions in before you hit the beach. For workouts that don't feel like workouts, we're big fans of the muscle sculpting wizardry that is reformer Pilates, and the chic surrounds of Studio Pilates is one of our Brisbane faves for this (surprisingly easy) effective little workout. A comforting mix of real-life instructors and high-energy video tutorials means there's no getting left behind, while your behind's getting lifted.

Laziness Level: Couch Hugger

No More Knots | Greenslopes + Taringa
If your idea of a workout involves moving from the couch to the fridge and back again, that doesn't mean you can't do some easy bod' prep for 'kini season. Bloating and water retention might be the cause of your body gripes, and the cure is a massage from a professional. The gang at No More Knots are our go-to muscle maintenance specialists, and they can work any bloat out, without you having to lift a finger. On the other hand, if you do find yourself post-workout and in need of some muscular pain relief, the talented team can certainly sort out your aches, too!

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Image credit: Kazzmito

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