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A Massive Sunflower Field Just Sprung Up Outside Brisbane

By James Shackell
22nd Feb 2018


Ever wonder where sunflowers come from? 

Well going by the enourmous bloom this week, we’re guessing most of the world’s sunflowers come from the The Sunflower Route (as locals have lovingly dubbed) aka Route 11—the main highway between the towns of Warwick and Allora, in the Southern Downs, SEQ 

Here’s how to find the fields: drive south-west of Brisbane for approx 1.5 hours to Warwick, then take to road along Sunflower Route, approx 50 kilometres long. Congrats, you just found the The Sunflower Route  sunflower fields.

Photography: Rachel Bray 

Here’s the thing about sunflowers though—they don’t last very long. Locals reckon the thousands and thousands of blooms will wither and die within a few weeks (prime time to catch these beauties is between late Jan to end of Feb), which is about a week or two longer than most plants last in our apartment...but that’s another story.  

BRB, we’re going to stop and smell the flowers. 

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