The Hottest Fitness Trends of 2015

By Desta Cullen
12th Jan 2015

Whoa, whoa, whoa, back it up. Where did that year just go? 

If, like us, you failed to hit your fitness peak in 2014, fear not. 2015 has plenty of new fitness trends to keep you amused and sweaty all year long. 

Because we know you care about these things, we’ve looked in to our #fitspo crystal ball to round up the fitness trends we predict will be on your must-do list in the new year.


No, this is not that calisthenics. Defined as any exercise that involves rhythmical movements without the use of an apparatus or weights—think push ups, lunges, squats, sit ups and plank-type exercises—modern calisthenics combines moves from various other workout styles including yoga, gymnastics, parkour, strength training and Pilates. Favoured by the military and sports team, its history is rooted in Ancient Greece, so you know it’s got to be good for you. What goes around, comes around.    

Even More Yoga

The legions of yoga devotees still flocking to flowy, bendy workout tell us it’s a trend that’s most probably here to stay. We can’t say for sure whether they are in it just for the health benefits (lower blood pressure, decreased anxiety, increased strength and bone density to name a few), or the cute lululemon outfits, but either way, yoga’s around for the long haul. 

Circus Workouts

Our romantic visions of running away to join the circus were shattered earlier in the year, when we tried our first circus fitness class at Circa Fit. In our heads we cut sick moves on the trapeze before twirling around that aerial ribbon like we were born there. The reality? We hung from the trapeze like a dead lump of wood, and then nearly broke our necks trying to tumble like a real-life acrobat. No matter though, this super fun workout that combines circuit training (disclaimer: there is a lot of skipping) with strength and flexibility training using circus apparatus gave us one of the best workouts we’ve ever had. Come at us, 60-second handstands! 


If it’s good enough for Victoria’s Secret models, it’s good enough for us, and we predict barre workouts and adult ballet will be hot, hot, hot in 2015. And so will your bod’. 

Hot Pilates

Nothing makes an exercise style harder than upping the thermostat to 35 degrees, and that’s just what some genius has done to Pilates. Yoga got the heat-treatment not so long ago, and now Pilates has gone from fairly placid style exercise, to full-body workout, too. Already good for strengthening, toning, improving balance and muscle tone, the heat adds an element of detoxing and immune boosting. 

Obstacle Race Training

Ever since Tough Mudder went mainstream a few years ago, countless (seemingly sane) devotees have put themselves through grueling training sessions, just to run through ice baths, mud pits, infested jungles and nets of electrified barbed wire. But, despite the WTF element, we actually think obstacle race training is a great way to work out whether you plan taking part in an actual race or not. 


High intensity interval training (HIIT, sometimes called tabata) is all about short, intense bursts of anaerobic exercise followed by intervals of less intense recovery. The benefits are said to be numerous but the main arguments in favour of this type of exercise are increased glucose metabolism and higher rates of fat burning, to which we say hellz yeah! The subtle difference between HIIT and tabata lies in the duration of work/rest rate.   


No need for explanation, just watch this video. If this doesn’t become a trend in 2015, take our trend-reading tarot cards and call us fakes, because we don’t know what will. 

Image Credit: Swide

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