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The LOB is Dead! The New Haircut Everyone’s Asking For This Season

By Desta Cullen
24th Apr 2015

Having your hair cut is like everything else in this life: you’ve got to know what you want and grab it with both hands, by the well-done strands if necessary.

Which is a difficult thing in the face of rapidly changing hairstyle trends; This haircut’s in, that one’s out, this celeb darling has nailed it, yadda yadda—it’s all a tad overwhelming.

We’ve feel like we’ve only just become familiar with The Lob—the long bob—and already there’s a new haircut in town, and it’s got an equally pleasing portmanteau (there’s a lot to be said for a catchy nickname).

Introducing, The Swag. We asked one of Brisbane’s best hairdressers, Heather Bytheway, manager at the brand new Epic Hair Designs in Norman Park, to explain this hot new haircut.

“Don’t worry, it’s got nothing to do with camping! The 'swag' is actually a shaggy layered cut with peek-a-boo bangs that’s taking over the 'lob' this season,” says Heather.

Heather and her team, some of Brisbane’s best hairdressers—trained by Goldwell for colour and put through their cutting paces before getting their hands on your locks—love this style for winter because it’s so versatile.

“This rough and ready style is super easy to wear and can be changed to suit all face shapes and hair styles.”

Heather lent us her own supremely coiffed head to give us the low-down on how to get the new hairstyle that’s everyone’s asking for this season. 

What to ask for?

It’s the perfect time of year for this style now that it’s getting cooler and it’s easier to wear loose and with bangs or a fringe. To achieve the swag style you’ll want to ask your stylist for a choppy, layered haircut with bangs.

Styling The Swag

“The swag is so effortless to wear and very easy to style! Just spritz in sea salt spray, then dry to 80%, upside down to achieve texture.

“To finish use a dry wax spray to rough up with fingers. It doesn’t need to be worked in much as it’s meant to be a rough, effortless look. 

Straight Or Curly?

“If you have natural wave or curl, you’re lucky because it will be easier to create,” Heather says.

“If you have naturally straight and smooth hair use an iron or curler to add some movement or wave before finishing. Or, just ask one of the Epic Hair Designs stylist if you are unsure!”

Swag Sisters

“We love Dakota Johnson for a long rolled out of bed look, Alexa Chung is absolutely owning her shorter version of the swag (great if you are transitioning from the last ‘It’ style the lob), and our favourite adorkable lady Zooey Deschanel rocks a more polished version of the swag in style,” said Heather.

Want to try the swag? Epic Hair Designs has just opened a beautiful salon in Norman Park, taking their Brisbane salon count to five with exisiting locations in Mt Gravatt, Springfield Lakes, Kenmore and Newmarket—so there’s one for every Brisbane lass!

Image credit: Tom and Lorenzo

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