The New Coffee, Bagels, and Beers Joint in the CBD You Need to Check Out

By Desta Cullen
12th Feb 2015

The New Coffee, Bagels, and Beers Joint in the CBD You Need to Check Out

Coffee, beer and bagels: A beautiful, holy trinity in our humble opinion. Add cocktails to the mix, and lordy, lord, we are beside ourselves.

So when Brisbane CBD café and bar Cawfee (pronounced with mandatory Yankee drawl)—masters at all of the above—pulled up stumps at the end of last year, there was much jubilation, here at TUL headquarters in delicious anticipation of this exciting new bagel and beers venue.

Cawfee isn’t a flash in the pan—here are 7 reasons we’re loving this new Brisbane café slash bar.

Their cawfee is really, really good.

Yeah, yeah, we know. It’s a claim thrown around by all and sundry, but since they are serving up impeccably roasted, organic The Byron Bay Coffee Company coffee, Cawfee truly deserves the kudos. These precious beans are used for both the café and bar (hello, espresso martinis!), and they even work it in to the cold drinks menu, in the form of a Japanese iced coffee. It’s the only place in Brisbane that you can get your mitts on this award-winning coffee, too.

Bagels. ‘Nuff said.

The bagel is a symbol of the ingenuity of New Yorkers. When made with just the right amount of chewiness, bagels are the perfect vehicle for almost any filling—a sensation that Cawfee has capitalised on to delicious effect. Breakfast here is an ode to the New York bagel, and there are also savoury or sweet options if the stateside version doesn’t take your fancy. Made up fresh every day, these are some of Brisbane’s best.

Thursdays and Fridays at Cawfee are late night. 

Looking for a cheeky beverage after the stroke of 5pm but not keen on hitting up ‘da club’? Well, Cawfee’s bar is open until late on Thursday and Friday night, and they have beer, cider, cocktails and wine for pretty much every taste. Plus, their Bar Food menu is a drool-inducing, charcuterie-lover’s dream.

You can have a Cawfee party!

Looking for a venue for a kewl party, or just after some great nosh for your lunch meeting? Cawfee’s hospitality extends beyond their four walls and their usual hours and the venue can be hired for functions, or they can cater the pants off your party. There are heaps of options so email [] the Cawfee crew for more info. 

Caffeine happy hour is a thing.

Two-thirty-itis has hit like a freight train and you need a fix. Gather the sad looking gold coins and head to Cawfee for their daily Happy Hour, where a cup’a’joe will set you back less than 4 bucks.  

Espresso Martinis.

Okay, so we’ve already mentioned these, but srsly, how good are espresso martinis? There’s just something so utterly satisfying about the first, second, and third sip on one of these bad boys. Cawfee’s version is perfectly balanced with smoked vanilla bean infused vodka, Kahlua, and a sprinkling of dark chocolate. Yummo.

It’s inner-city, b*tches.

As cool as Brisbane is, there aren’t that many places dedicated to serving up on point coffee, café nosh and drinks in the CBD. Channeling the metropolitan cool of the Big Apple, Cawfee is a Brisbane gem that Brisbane’s city-bound should be making very good friends with.

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Image Credit: Daniel Maddock

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