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The Rummiest Rum Balls Recipe Ever

By AJ James
21st Dec 2014

My cousin, Rushie, has a most fruitful and all knowing relationship with rum. 

And before you think she is a Bundaberg drinking soul who sits on her porch in a decrepit singlet and pair of pluggers, let me set you straight—she’s a savvy-as architect, and when it comes to choice of attire, she’s got some pretty sweet threads. She also wears earrings very well. 

But, let’s return to her ‘all knowing’ relationship with rum with an excellent example. You see, she aptly pointed out one night at a black tie function that if it’s humid and your hair is jumping out from your topknot and giving you many a flyaway to contend with, the best and easiest way to deal with them, is with rum. 

Let me explain. You take a little of it mixed with coke (she did from her fiancé’s glass) in your palm and work back through your hair (or mine) from the roots to the knot. The results are excellent, with the sugars crystallizing and setting. Admittedly washing your hair the next morning (or when you get home) is recommended, but for the moment, talk about a quick and excellent fix. 

Her other rum based contributions? Rum balls. They are rambunctious. And the best rum balls you can make this Christmas. Now a word to the wise, the quantities don’t need to be precise, and like all good recipes you can adapt with what you’ve got. If your rum balls turn out a little too wet an easy fix is via adding a little more weetbix—they’re not just the breakfast of champions. 

A word to the wise. Eating rum balls and driving ain’t cool. 

Ruchie's Rambunctious Rum Balls Recipe


7 Weet-Bix
1 cup chopped raisins 
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 (400 g) can condensed milk
1/3 cup coconut 
2  Blocks of Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate (70% Cocoa or Coconut flavours are nice)
1/3 cup Bundaberg Rum (this makes for some pretty strong balls)
Extra coconut for rolling 


Chop raisins and leave in fridge to soak in rum overnight. 

Crush Weetbix very fine either by hand or mixmaster. 

Dice chocolate finely.

Add all remaining ingredients to rum soaked raisins.

Cover in the fridge for a few more hours or days until ready to roll. 

Sit with a glass of wine or cup of tea and start rolling. Shape into balls and roll in coconut. 

They will keep in the fridge for a few weeks... If they last that long! 

Image credit: Cooking is Pain

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