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There’s A Snake That’s Currently Causing Chaos In Melbourne’s CBD

By Ben Tyers
22nd Feb 2018


A big ol’ tiger snake has ventured into the big smoke down south to check out the sights, and he’s found himself at the corner of Collins and Spencer—the heart of bustling CBD Melbs—, no doubt just waiting for his train to depart so he can head back to his usual regional home town.

The City Of Melbourne are advising that locals should probably keep clear of the area, and maybe find another way around. Trams are still running as normal though so there are no issues there.

Keep an eye on City Of Melbourne’s Twitter feed for more updates on this sneaky snake. Meanwhile, up here in Brisbane, we'll carry on our day with pythons the size of a car roaming our backyards and hanging in our bathrooms like it 'aint no thang...

Image credit: Ashok Borate

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