This Is Not A Drill: We Found A Legit Harry Potter Themed Cruise Ship

By Jessica Best
15th Mar 2018

OMG Guys. Auckland's Getting A Harry Potter Movie Marathon!

Oh yes, the magical rumours are true and we’re here to deliver and confirm the good news (albeit without the true messenger Hedwig): there’s an actual cruise ship boasting all things Harry Potter. Did your inner wizarding kid just scream a little inside or in our case, a lot? Thought so.

That’s right, die-hard wizard fans can now go full HAM and book an insanely cool boat tour that takes you to a number of filming locations used across all the Harry Potter films. Think Virginia Water where Harry first met Buckbeak and Picket Post Close AKA 4 Privet Drive.

Now, you may or may not have to cross the pond a touch first… like all the way to the hometown of the Spice Girls, all things lager and the Big Ben. We’re talking London people. Yep, this giant-ass cruiser is surging over to London’s River Thames so we’re just giving you the heads up in case you’re keen to grab that invisibility cloak, or mount that broomstick and ditch the #worklyf. 

Don’t worry, we won’t tell a soul.

Image credit: Harry Potter 

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