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Want To Be A DIY Beauty Boss? Then Read This!

By Desta Cullen
19th Feb 2015

Discounting a few clumsy attempts at DIY beauty with pretty horrifying results*, I’m a firm believer in leaving beauty treatments and skincare to the experts.

*Sigh. My proudly homemade, beetroot lip and cheek stain made me look more side-show horror clown than sexy wind-flushed, popsicle-pouted backstage beauty.

But still…there’s always a small part of me—the often misguided  ‘I could do that’ part—that has me wanting to mix up skin calming balm, or perhaps a quick revitalising face-mask based on extremely ‘legit’ (please note my sarcasm) Pinterest recipes.

So when I discovered that the fine peeps at Brisbane’s Endeavour College of Natural Health—home to Wellnation Clinics and College of Natural Beauty Clinics—offer a range of short courses designed to help do-it-yourself noobs just like me, I was signing myself up quicker than you can say body scrub.

So what exactly can you learn to DIY in these cool little courses, you ask?

Covering everything from skincare treatments, to make-up application lessons, aromatherapy, and couples massage, these fun little courses are run throughout the year from their Fortitude Valley (as well as Sydney and Melbourne) college digs.

The emphasis for all of Endeavour’s short courses and DIY treatment courses is on natural ingredients, so avoiding nasty chemicals and additives is the aim of the game. Some of the courses are even accredited through the Australian Natural Therapists Association and The Australian Traditional Medicine Society, so you know they’re legit.

In the DIY Skin Care Course—the college’s most popular class—you’ll come away with take home products like lip balms, natural moisturisers and eye gels, plus all the skills to do you it yourself in your own kitchen!

The days of Pinterest fails are over, my friends.

Endeavour College of Natural Health short courses and DIY beauty treatment classes start from $125, and you can download a short course timetable for 2015 here. 

Image Credit: The Kitchen McCabe

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