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We Check Out Organic, Cold-Pressed Juice Co. Liquefy

By AJ James
8th Dec 2014

I’m feeling particularly virtuous at present. Actually I’m feeling incredibly virtuous, for I’m sipping on an organic and cold pressed juice that’s as green as it gets—heck, it’s so green and dense I can’t even see through to the other side of the bottle.

The bottle of which, might I add, looks rather slick and bills said green juice as a 'pure green powerhouse to fuel your body, release toxins, and maximise energy'—talk about silly season timely. It also has listed down the sides the benefits—organic, gluten free, vegan, raw, un pasteurised, delicious, and good for you.

And admittedly, while mine is not delicious, it does satisfy all of the other seven benefits. But given (and at my choosing) my selected juice features the sugarless tastes of cucumber, kale, dandelion root tea, silverbeet, lemon, parsley, ginger, and algae (yes, really), I’m not surprised or fussed that it doesn’t taste like Cottee’s lime cordial or one of those nice green cocktails they serve at Alfred and Constance in a novelty pineapple cup. Both great green drinks of our generation but admittedly nowhere near in benefits.

Yes, this juice is the real deal and so too the company that brought this bottle of health (it tastes how I imagine ‘health’ tastes), to market. They’re called Liquefy Juice Co (side note - their brand identity is rather appealing) and are Australia’s first chain of premium organic, cold pressed juice, smoothie, coffee and super-food outlets. It’s a grab and go concept and you’ll begin to find their little stores stocked with not just juices but other wholesomely clean eats too, popping up all over Brisbane. The smoothies are thick with good and natural ingredients, and the counter full of dense balls of goodness and leafy as salads. They also have little areas ready for you to quickly perch, chat and consumer your 'health'. 

The health benefits found in Liquefy are exciting, but so too that it's a Brisbane start up, and operates out of their headquarters at Mt Gravatt. It’s a gutsy effort and one big arse operation (they’re going to start home delivery soon too!), but you’ve really got to hand it to the team behind this – and Brisbane which really does deliver that ‘anything is possible attitude’ and doesn’t cap dreams like other towns. Let’s get behind Liquefy Juice Co this summer and feel a bit better in the process.

AJ (or Amanda) James is a roaming writer. Based in Brisbane (when she’s not on a plane or walking down a sometimes-unsavoury foreign street in search of a good authentic feed), she contributes to a number of publications on matters of food and travel. She recently launched Pepper Passport, 'a publication for the avid cook, discerning and curious traveller, lover and sharer of good things, both at home and while away'.

Image credits: Daniel Maddock

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