We Check Out Tom and John’s Wings

By Ashton Rigg
21st Jan 2015

Tom and John are just two lads who really love wings. They are dudes with a dream—a dream to bring All-American wingage to the good people of Brisbane—and we fully support their noble cause. 

The story starts, as most great epics do, on the verandah after a couple of beers and a serious hankering for American-style chicken wings.  

A fizzled Kickstarter program didn't rain on Tom and John's parade. Week after week these sunny optimists bring their serious wing game to West End, as well as private functions that demand copious amounts of tasty, tasty chicken wings. 

Come sundown at West End’s Boundary Street Markets, the wings start flying out the door. 

Selling out has been a wonderfully common occurrence at Tom and John’s humble market stall—not so wonderful for the folk who miss out on getting their wing fix, but slow and steady just doesn’t cut it when we’re talking wings. 

Get in early and get ‘em while they’re hot. The signature buffalo hot wings are a crowd favourite and will leave you with sticky-fingered satisfaction. 

But buffalo isn’t the be-all and end-all of Tom and John’s wing wizardry. They’ve got dry rubs, sweet Asian-inspired creations and classic Italian flavours, with all sauces and spices cooked up in the boys’ home kitchen. 

If you prefer a crunchier, less finger-lickin’ feast, the lemon and cracked pepper wings are particularly enticing, while the Cajun dry-rub is packed with southern-style deliciousness and a tongue-tingling kick. 

For a bit of extra bite, there’s the spicy garlic. The menu is rounded out with garlic parmesan, classic BBQ and honey soy. 

Half a dozen wings will set you back eight bucks or $13 for the whole dozen (yes—you can mix half and half), with hand-cut shoestring fries on the side for an extra $2 (worth it). 

Two famished blokes made the history books at Tom and John’s in October when they devoured a staggering 51 wings EACH. Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing. Actually, that is a thing. A very, very big thing. 

You too can wing it with Tom and John at the Boundary Street Markets in West End, from around 4pm–10pm every Friday and Saturday. 

Image credit: Tash Sorensen

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