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We Finally Have An Air Date For Younger And 2018 Is Suddenly Great

By Ange Law
22nd Mar 2018

Anyone who’s following every single freaking actor from the show Younger (we won’t patronise you by assuming it isn’t your favourite show already), already knows the gang had their first table read earlier this month. Well, we’re here to tell you that Stan has finally decided to bring us the goods. We have an air date and 2018 is looking even better than it was seven seconds ago. 

For a teensy bit of background for those who aren’t already OBSESSED, this show follows Liza, a 40-something women who’s entering the workforce after a nasty break up and decides it’d just be way easier to land a gig if she were 26. So she pretends to be 26. Along the way she meets Josh—beautiful, sweet Josh—and Kelsey (AKA Hilary Duff) and our personal favourite character, Lauren. 

Seriously, you’ve got until 6 June (that’s when it’s airing) to catch up on everything that’s happened to this New York City gang and we’ll be mad if you don’t cancel all of your plans right now. 

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