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We Grab a Slice of Home-Style Goodness at Homeslice

By Ashton Rigg
6th Oct 2014

It's a truth universally acknowledged, nothing compares to home-cooked dishes whipped up in your mum's or nan's kitchen. At least, that was the case until Brisbane takeaway kitchen Homeslice moved into the neighbourhood.

Homeslice arrived on our doorstep wearing a pleated apron and a charming smile, but they didn't ask to borrow a cup of sugar — and they certainly didn't turn up empty-handed. Wafting a freshly baked pie under the noses of Bulimba's busy yummy mummys, Homeslice has become the talk of the town.

Tucked between industrial garages just off bustling Oxford Street, working mums, dads, famished tradies and those with their noses on the pulse of Brisbane's food scene have been calling in on Homeslice to pick up ready-made lunches, dinners and not-so-naughty sweet treats.

In the contest for Brisbane's healthiest takeaway, Homeslice is a prime candidate (big ups to our friends at Botanica, Orawgi and Yummbox, too!). The shopfront is small and stylish, fronting a sizable kitchen out the back where all the magic happens.

Make a beeline for the glass cabinet stocked with an array of enticing salads, spanning the health spectrum from vegan to gluten free and dairy free. A lunch size box will set you back $10 and award you three salad wishes, while the regular ($15) and family ($25) sizes will spoil you with four or five choices.

Salads change at the mercy of the season, but crowd favourites so far have been the Spiced Sweet Potato (with lentils, rocket and maple-roasted walnuts), Homeslice Coleslaw (cabbage, carrot, apple, lime, ginger and a medley of herbs), and the Pearl Barley and Winter Greens (grilled zucchini, rocket, feta, pine nuts and a sweet bail dressing).

If you're turning your nose up at the thought of all that 'rabbit food', tilt that schnoz back down and top off your wholesome greenery with pulled pork for an extra five bucks.

Fair warning: you will come down with a case of serious fridge-envy when you visit Homeslice. With vacuum-sealed deliciousness like sticky chicken, lasagna, ribs, soups, lamb shanks, and a chicken curry so hot they simply can't stock enough of the stuff, there's something for even the most fussy or finicky of eaters.

Homeslice's chicken nuggets are not in the same ballpark as the sad, rubbery morsels from greasy drive-throughs (which, let's face it, are only acceptable if consumed to mop up a hangover). Their golden little bites are made from organic free-range chicken, coated in sourdough breadcrumbs from Banneton Bakery and seasoned with parsley and parmesan. Uh, yum.

There are also homemade pies big enough to feed the whole family — or just one incredibly greedy person — filled with the likes of chunky beef, chicken, and curried prawn. All meals are made fresh daily, down to the tiniest touches — all stocks, sauces and dressings are even crafted on-site!

For dessert (after breakfast, lunch or dinner — all acceptable options), be tempted by coconut and quinoa loaf, raw chocolate tart, cacao and date 'choc fudge' brownies, and sweet almond cupcakes with a soft buttery cream. Submitting to the raw food trend without sacrificing one iota of scrumptiousness, the sweets atop the counter all fall into sugar-free, gluten-free, or dairy-free categories.

If you're looking at Nigella's cookbook thinking 'ain't nobody got time for that' or are just happy to leave it to a couple of ladies who seriously know their way around the kitchen, you have until 7pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends to pick up an evening meal that ticks the big three: healthy, tasty and affordable.

Heck, throw a dirty pan in the sink and pass it off as your own tasty handiwork! We won't tell — promise. 

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