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What Kind of Whiskey Drinker Are You? Take Our Quiz!

By Jessica Pridmore
12th Nov 2014

Be honest, who hasn't asked themselves this life-affirming question?

Whiskey has been, up until quite recently, the drop of choice for John Hamm types and cowboys. A man's-man's beverage, if you will. But whiskey's undergone somewhat of a cultural reinvigoration of late, and now the amber liquid is the cocktail ingredient de jour at the hottest bars, with even the staunchest whiskey haters coming around to its charms (heck, even the ladies have come on board).

Yes, whiskey is having a moment, and you don't want to be the lone rookie spluttering over your single malt. You need to get your whiskey skills up, pronto!

Whether you're a whiskey-and-apple-juice kind of baller, or a straight up whiskey aficionado looking for a fresh new tipple, we've got you covered.

We asked Dan 'The Whiskey Man' Woolley, Brand Ambassador for premium whiskey house, Knob Creek, his tips to choosing the right whiskey for your drinking-level, and how to pour yourself a decent whiskey at home.

We created this completely in-accurate and mildly offensive flow chart to find out which whiskey is for you:

Take The Quiz!

1. Beginner's Luck: Knob Creek Small Batch

Whiskey is not your regular tipple of choice, but you're not shy of a cocktail or two, either! Try your hand at a stirred down Manhattan with a Knob Creek Small Batch. This whiskey is totally smooth, with toasted caramel and vanilla undertones giving it a gentler flavour. Less a slap round the face, more a gentle caress of the cheek sort of drink.

2. Oldie But A Goodie: Knob Creek Rye

You've got Sinatra on your turntable, and a home bar to rival Keith Richards. American cocktails, like the classic Old Fashioned, have crept their way back onto almost every cocktail list in town, and for good reason. Pull out your sugar cubes and your best bitters, muddle together, and pour in spicy Knob Creek Rye. Finish with a twist of orange rind, and you got yourself a real drink

3. You Come With A Hazard Warning: Knob Creek Single Barrel

One for the hard-core spirit drinkers, whiskey is your poison of choice. You think nothing of knocking it back neat, without so much as a wince or a teary eye. We salute you! Equally good served neat, or with a dash of water, Knob Creek Single Barrel is the business, and should be treated with respect. This is not the spirit for shooters!

Image credits: Tash Sorensen

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