What Is Lagree Fitness and Should You Be Doing It?

By aj james
9th Nov 2014

I'm writing this with my leg stuck up on the wall next to me. It's kind of sitting in line with my head and at a 32 degree-ish angle. 

You see I'm doing this because I've just been to my first Lagree class, and owing to the amount and type of work I did, I'm certain I'll be a touch sore tomorrow — hence the leg up at an odd angle in the hope of stretching through (or missing) the pain. 

Which brings us to this: Why on earth did I decide to embark on this new active pursuit on a Friday morning, full in the knowledge that I'd probably be sore for the weekend and/or spend it hobbling about and assisted with simple movements by love ones? 

Christy Turlington. It comes down to one C. Turlington. For thanks to Lagree I am on my way to becoming as lithe, strong and toned as that famed beauty. So much so I told my mum as a side note from our Christmas planning conversation, that, "I'll probably wake up looking like Christy the next morning". She sounded sceptical, but owing to the intensity of the exercises completed while squatting and moving around what I thought at first was an interesting looking bed, but I'm now regarding as more of a torture/crucifixion rack, I've got a good feeling I'm right. 

But, crucifixion aside, what is this Lagree method and why does it work? They (the Lagree people) bill it as the most innovative and aggressive approach to full body conditioning, and after 45 minutes you'll burn on average 500 – 700 calories. Not that it should come down to calorie burning. It's about strength. Skinny isn't what it's about — baby biceps and shoulders like Gwenyth Paltrow are. 

And so, for those 45 minutes in your class, along with 7 other souls (or fellow survivors) you'll be on your bed, moving levers and limbs, with control and concentration, under the guided voice of your instructor. You'll be told marvellous things while you're thinking about dropping down from your poses such as "If it's shaking, it's working". Or — and this is the real gem —"Modify before you quit", something my fellow Christy's (we're in it together you see), noted can be applied to all aspects of life. 

Lagree's not for whimps, but post-workout I'm feeling quite Turlington-ified. I'll be back.

AJ (or Amanda) James is a roaming writer. Based in Brisbane (when she's not on a plane or walking down a sometimes-unsavoury foreign street in search of a good authentic feed), she contributes to a number of publications on matters of food and travel. She recently launched Pepper Passport, "'a publication for the avid cook, discerning and curious traveller, lover and sharer of good things, both at home and while away'.

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