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Where’s Everyone Going For After Work Drinks in Brisbane These Days?

By Catherine Blake
20th Feb 2015

Where indeed. 

So much has changed since your gap year in Myanmar. All those dreams to heal the world were quickly buried in dreams of Lambos and pocket squares, but just because you work in an office doesn’t mean you can’t be hip like the rest of the kids. 

For so long, the worker bees of Brisbane city have been confined to sleazy pubs and their own cellars for après labour drinking. Mercifully this is no longer the case, and now you can barely swing a merger for smacking into a new watering hole. 

Stow that constricting necktie, kick off those towering heels, and take that Mastercard for a spin. You might meet someone nice. They might let you down gently. You might wallow in your grief, and then it will be just like Christmas at home. 

So next time you bunk off work early, round up some pals and head down to one of our favourite after-hours Brisbane drinking halls. 

Bro code: Mandatory

Dress code: RM’s, beige chinos and a light blue shirt**

**Optional accessories include flashy watches and Hermes belts. 

Buffalo Bar

Brisbane CBD

Attention beer drinkers: your very favourite wing slingers also happen to be fantastic hosts for post-work drinks. Nestle in at Buffalo Bar with a pot or bottle of their US suds and maybe even scoff a few plates of hot wings to really loosen that corporate noose #handmadeinflorence.

Brooklyn Standard

Brisbane CBD

Live music every night of the week and a cocktail list more enticing than whatever was inside Marcellus Wallace’s briefcase. If you only have time for one drink, make it a pot of Brooklyn Standards house brew, Brooklyn Lager: statistically proven virility with every sip. 

Super Whatnot

Brisbane CBD

Drinks, DJ’s and all-American snacks, whatever you fancy this little laneway haunt does it and does it well. The window seating on the second level of Super Whatnot is the perfect place to roost and people watch… also a fantastic place to let off some of that steam you’ve pent up because the intern in accounting lost another invoice. 

John Mills Himself

Brisbane CBD

Bootleggin’, easyspeakin’, investment bankin’ lushes in the know are granted that all important seclusion when they nestle in for after-work drinks at John Mills Himself. When things get out of hand you can always pass out in the laneway and have them wake you up in the morning with fourteen shots of espresso.  

The Gresham

Brisbane CBD

With leatherbound sofas and the warm, orange glow of lamplight, The Gresham has created that ever-evasive ambience usually reserved for private clubs and cigar salons, making this Brisbane bar more like a licensed library without books. 

Bavarian Bier Café

Brisbane CBD

A mainstay of after-work drinks, the Bavarian Bier Café positively heaves in the twilight with stein-toting suits. Meander down when the sun hits the water and raise a tankard to tomorrow’s hangover.

Madame Wu

Brisbane CBD

When a long business lunch at Madame Wu leaves you legless, don’t fret about missing the after-work crowd. Stay right where you are and the crowds will flock straight to our favourite views of the river, sake-based cocktails, and Asian-fusion. You’re a lady, godammit. And a lady deserves Madame Wu. 

Riverbar + Kitchen

Brisbane CBD

With glorious views of the river, a stocked bar and snacks aplenty, Riverbar + Kitchen is a yuppie Mecca of beige chinos and blue shirts for after-work drinks. 

Jahh Tiger


Mixers of rum and jerkers of chicken, the folks at Jahh Tiger are as committed to evoking the Caribbean as you are to polishing your Omega watch. For drinks and vibes that chill, this Brisbane bar is the perfect place for a midweek pseudo-vacation. 

Felix Espresso and Winebar

Brisbane CBD

This adorable little nook overflows with bountiful nourishing salads and delicious things by day, but come 5pm Felix whips out the vino and cheese boards to revive your wretched soul. 

Blackbird Bar and Grill

Brisbane CBD

Yup, Blackbird's another Yuppie paradise on the river (where else?), but damn, it's a goodie. Choose between the Gatsby Bar, so large it’s intimate, or the Speakeasy Bar for complete moral abandonment. Just the thing to refresh your stock of raunchy anecdotes for the water cooler. 

Coppa Spuntino

Brisane CBD

Boasting a menu of exquisite Italian feastings and vino for days, Coppa provides that second, European wind when you feel setting fire to your six-inch Blahniks.  Come for aperitivo, stay for digestivo. Workaholics welcome. 

Survey Co. 

Brisbane CBD

Thoughtfully furnished with spacious booths and soft lighting, the Survey Co. is the perfect Brisbane bar to take a pack of work pals and put your card behind the bar. Dark and brooding in Burnett Lane, their bar is smashing for a whistle-wetter and so conveniently located next to the Survey Co.’s restaurant when dinnertime rolls around. 

Lennon’s Pool Terrace and Bar

Brisbane CBD

Kick back with one of Lennon’s fruity and flammable cocktail explosions and forget what the mad rush was all about. Just remember to take off your RM’s before you decide to have a splash in the terrace pool. 

Image credit: Daniel Maddock

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