Who Loves Carbs? | The Fortitude Valley Italian Joint We Can’t Get Enough Of

By Jessica Pridmore
11th Nov 2014

Italian food is my all-time favourite comfort food. There, I've said it, and I know I'm not alone. Pizza, pasta, polenta…just picturing a bowl of fresh spaghetti makes my carb-crazy heart race!

Traditional Italian food brings people together over a mutual love of good food and good company, like a moth to a flame, and it's a source of endless culinary inspiration to the menus at some of the best restaurants in Brisbane.

It is that inexplicable attraction that Locanda Osteria has captured in their restaurant: simple, authentic Italian dishes made 'how Mama used to make', and the taste is like nothing else!

The bread, the pasta, the sauce, is all made on site, by hand, everyday by the kitchen staff. Locanda Osteria also has a traditional speido installed in house—a rotisserie inspired by the Northern Italian tradition of slow-roasted pork. Rubbed in olive oil, a little salt and pepper, plus some fresh rosemary, the chefs cook it to perfection—this is the hero dish of Locanda's authentic Italian menu.

Though Locanda Osteria is a perfect choice for dinner any night of the week, this proper Italian restaurant is not just for the dinner set (that would be sacrilege to our ongoing devotion to carbs), so they also serve up a cracking good lunch menu! Choosing between the slow-cooked meatballs and the pork belly focaccia is one of life's mocking cruelties, and you'll be hard pressed to pass up the homemade tiramisu.

Locanda Osteria is one of the best restaurants in Brisbane for casual dining. This is not a place you'll find diners in hushed conversations or the awkward clinking of cutlery. It's a space designed to celebrate with friends, unwind after a long day with a bottle of vino and a plate of calamari, or catch up with family over a late dinner. Locanda Osteria is as close to a boisterous dinner at Nono's place you'll find this side of Italy, and should be on any Italian-lovers hit list.

Image Credit: Tash Sorenssen

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