Yee Haw! American Restaurant Buffalo Bar Opens In The CBD Tomorrow!

By Jessica Pridmore
30th Nov 2014

Pull on your finest ‘Texan tuxedo’ and practice your best accent a la Yankie; new American restaurant Buffalo Bar is throwing open its doors tomorrow!

From the fine folk that brought us Mighty Mighty—an American restaurant so food porn-y that it’s basically Brisbane’s version of breaking the Internet—the arrival of Buffalo Bar means we’re gearing up for all things smoked, battered, barrelled and fried.

With its doors not even open yet, Buffalo Bar is already being hailed as one of the best American restaurants in Brisbane. There is a much heavier focus on food and drink pairings, with some of the best beverages coming out of the US on tap and in the fridges. American whiskey fans will be in heaven, with more than 30 imports to wrap your lips around.

The star players on the menu are wings, and Buffalo Bar has18 signature varieties of buffalo wings to choose from. That’s a whole lot of wings—this is not a menu for those with indecision issues. Our choice? Go for the sticky, sweet and sour Salted Cola Toffee wings, or, for the adventurers, The Ghost That Walks wings (to quote the staff at Buffalo Bar, they’re “hot as hell”).

Vegetarian is a dirty word round these parts (though they do cater for vegos, and the meat-free options are delicious!). But meat is the name of the game here, and Buffalo Bar does it very well. Meats are smoked in-house, the ribs are rubbed to perfection, and the brisket is G-O-O-D.

But don’t just think Buffalo Bar is all wings and ribs, heck no. These guys have brought the best of the US to our bellies.

Hoagies, the ten-inch super sandwiches—aka the mother of all subs and the unofficial food of the state of Philadelphia—are just some of the more authentic dishes on the menu. Texan to Cuban, slow roasted NY strip or fried catfish, these babies will become a diet staple.

Smoked meats and epic sandwiches not your thing? The US has so much more to offer. New England clam chowder, crispy fried duck waffles, oh, and those infamous jalepeno poppers! Buffalo Bar’s menu gets you as close to the real deal short of jumping on a plane.

With a whiskey lounge and a craft beer garden serving up some of the finest American exports this side of Cali-forn–i-a, Buffalo Bar isn’t just for a big feed; it’s a place for food lovers to come together, kick it back to neutral and indulge in some good old fashioned US hospitality.

New American restaurant Buffalo Bar is open til late 7 days a week.

Image Credits: Dylan Evans, The Kitchn

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