25 Things You Should Start Doing Now That You’re 25

By Natasha Van Der Laan
19th Nov 2016

So, you’re officially mid-twenties.

In the grand scheme of life, you’re still young but at the same time, you’re very, VERY old. You’ve found a grey hair (or two), hangovers last a lifetime, and your knees crack when you get off the couch.

It’s time to sort your shit out and embrace adulting—it’s more fun than you think, promise! Here are 25 things you should probably start doing now that you’re the grand age of 25.

1. Get amongst insurance—car, contents, health, life… When it comes to insurance, the more polices you have, the merrier!

2. Start giving a shit about politics. With Trump at the helm of America, this is more important than ever.

3. Learn how to drink in moderation. Contrary to what 18-year-old you thought, it’s NOT okay to dance on tabletops while 10 RTDs deep.

4. Sign up for an extra-curricular activity. Learning IS fun! Join your local tennis club, sign up for Mexican cooking classes, learn Spanish. Carpe diem, yolo etc.

5. If you haven’t already, move out of home—ASAP.

6. Sort out your finances. Find out what bank account you actually have—what fees does it have, how much interest does it earn? Then compare and contrast to other banks and adjust accordingly.

7. Actually DO something with your weekends. Spend time with Mother Nature, bake a cake, go fishing. A world exists beyond Netflix and posting your life to Insta Stories.

8. Learn how to cook a roast. You can’t call yourself an adult until you’ve whipped up a Sunday roast—complete with all the trimmings!

9. Go to the movies on your own or take yourself out for dinner solo. It’s all about being comfortable in your own company.

10. Learn car 101. This means checking your oil, checking your tire pressure, and filling up your windscreen water. Heck, you could even learn how to change a tire.

11. Hold down a job.

12. Hold down a job you ACTUALLY like.

13. Eat exotic food. Stop ordering what’s comfortable and familiar and treat yo taste buds to something less ordinary. This means no more eggs bene breakfasts.

14. Up your laundry game. Know your red wine stain from your grass stain and how to tackle ‘em.

15. Listen to your dentist and floss on the reg.

16. Keep a house plant alive. If you can look after a plant, maybe one day you’ll be able to look after a kid. Cacti doesn’t count.

17. Tell people how you feel—be it declaring your love or tell your boss you deserve a pay rise.

18. Invest in your wardrobe. Stop impulse buying and falling into the trap of fast fashion. It’s quality over quantity, people!

19. Get plenty of calcium (and iron, for that matter).

20. Let go of grunges. That negative energy ain’t good for anyone.

21. Be buds with your parents. Despite what teenage you thought they’ve actually got some decent stories and advice to share.

22. Prioritise your health. Unfortunately, your bod isn’t 18 anymore. This means ACTUALLY using your gym membership and eating your greens.

23. Perfect a signature dish. And no, nachos don’t count.

24. Stop being reckless with people’s hearts—including your own.

25. Wear sunscreen.


Photo Credit: New Girl

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