We've Found The Most Beautiful Camp Spots In Queensland

By Leonie Prendeville
31st Jan 2017

There’s a whole host of things to look for in an ideal camping spot, but today we’re focused on one thing in particular; mind-blowing beauty.

Give us the cascading falls, the lush green forests, sparkling blue seas, and white-as-snow sands. Give us the breath-taking, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, and pretty-as-punch. Give us Queensland’s most stunning camp spots…


About 2.5 hours north of Cairns, the Cape Tribulation area is one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world. Mountains covered in rainforest sweep down to long sandy beaches. Pitch your tent on the sand and split your days between snorkelling, sea kayaking, freshwater waterholes, and trekking through one of the world’s oldest surviving rainforests.


In the rugged Conondale Range are some of Queensland’s most picturesque forests. We particularly love the creekside camp spots at Booloumba Creek where you can hear water trickling over rocks as you fall asleep. Dreamy, right? There’s also tall eucalypt forests, waterfalls, boulder-strewn swimming spots, and great hikes that offer awesome views.


Beach camping doesn’t get much better than Flinders Beach on North Stradbroke Island. Accessible only by 4WD, the campsites are in natural areas along the beach. You’ll wake to an incredible sunrise each morning and then fill your day with great surf, fishing, swimming, and other beachy activities. Then, when you’re salt-crusted, sun-kissed, and unbelievably relaxed you’ll watch a spectacular sunset with a beer (or rose) in hand.


Rising up to 1100 metres in elevation, the Bunya Mountains are a beautiful paradise that rise out of scrubby, arid cattle country. Its rainforest-clad peaks are home to the largest stand of ancient bunya pines in the world and an array of wildlife. The birdlife is especially spectacular with over 121 species coasting the region and regular sightings of king parrots, crimson rosellas, bowerbirds, and whipbirds.


In the heart of hot and dry Central Queensland, Carnarvon Gorge is a cool, lush camping nirvana. Towering white cliffs surround the Carnarvon Creek, which has slowly carved the gorge out of ancient sandstone over 27 million years! Carnarvon is overflowing with a variety of incredible native plants and wildlife, however perhaps the most underrated aspect of the experience is the indigenous cultural heritage and remarkable rock art sites.


Double Island is not only one of the most amazing camping spots in Queensland, it’s also wonderfully close to home. With campsites nestled among sand dunes, it’s just you, the beach, and the ocean. Choose your water activity, or take a sweet little hike to the lighthouse and some epic views.


If you want the camping without the “setting up your tent” part, then Lamington National Park’s Nightfall Wilderness Camp is for you. Their ready-made glamping tents are positioned privately among the trees so you can open your canvas walls to fully take in the tangled rainforest. They also have natural spa-pools, rainforest walks, and outdoor massages by the creek. Pure bliss.


Fraser Island is like a magical little oasis. How is so much natural wonder and beauty contained in one place?! Crystal-clear creeks, towering rainforests, sparkling blue lakes, beaches, rockpools. Get a 4WD for this one, it will give you the flexibility to go everywhere, see everything, and find the ultimate camping spot—whether that’s on the beach or tucked away in the bush.

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Photo Credit: Daintree Gateway

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