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Where To Find Epic Freakshakes On The Coast

By Cayleh Ferguson
11th Aug 2016

Warning: This article contents contain gluten, sugar, dairy, and a whole lotta chocolate.

Look away now if you are shredding for your summer bod or read on if you prefer to keep your winter coat just that little bit longer. We have found the Coast’s best OTT freakshakes that bring all the boys to the yard.

Snickers and Pretzel | Burgster

If you have only visited Burgster for their off the chain burgers, then we suggest you get down to Palm Beach and try one of their 11 types of shakes. For the softies, there are classic full-cream old-school milkshakes, but for those a little more daring and because lines are meant to be crossed, then try the Snickers and Pretzel shake. It is overflowing with cream, chocolate sauce, pretzels, and nuts; so much so that it needs to be served on a tray. Leave your whites at home on this heavenly day.

Super Premium Lick | Lester and Earl

Not able to decide between a cocktail or milkshake to go along with your Sunday brunch? First world problems, right? How does peanut butter and jelly ice-cream, house-made strawberry syrup, berry liquor, vodka, and whipped cream sound? Like all your dreams have come true, that’s what! Perfect to wash down some of the best loaded fries in the biz with. Lester and Earl, you got us good.

Un-named Creation | Gangsta and Gatsby

If you think milkshakes couldn’t get anymore insane, think again. The crew at Gangster and Gatsby (a relatively new café and dessert bar in Southport) are taking things next-level. They’ve come up with a creation that includes a chocolate-lined waffle cone, perched in a milk bottle and filled with salted caramel thick shake, topped with whipped cream, lashings of sweet sticky sauce and decorated with all sorts of fancy treats. We aren’t quite sure if you drink it, lick it, or eat it. We’ll let you decide.

Minty Fek Fek | Obsessions on Chevron

We all know the lads at Obsessions on Chevron know their burgers, but their street shakes are just as drool-worthy. Known as fat-shakes (and for good reason), this one is made up of spearmint-infused Kit Kat, liquid chocolate, fresh mint and vanilla ice-cream with the option to add a boozy shot of Crème de Menthe. The mint is just enough to cut through the sweetness of this bad boy and will leave you feeling so fresh and so clean. Have a break, have a fat-shake.

Signature Shakes | Doughnut Time

Nothing goes together better than doughnuts and milkshakes, except maybe wine and cheese, or beer and burgers, but we are here to talk OTT shakes. These Doughnut Time delights are the most delicious milky masterpieces you will ever get in a takeaway cup and they come topped with a handmade doughnut covered in a glorious glaze and sprinkles. Talk about the best of both worlds. If that doesn’t make you happy, then we’re not sure what will.

Fifty Shades of Delight | N3 Tapas Bar

There’s always that one person in the room who claims all of the uneaten Turkish Delights from the Favourites box. If you know this person, then treat them with a visit to N3 Tapas Bar at Marina Mirage because if Turkish Delight had a love story, this would be it. Made up of with usual suspects of milk and ice-cream, as well as musk sticks, raspberry, strawberry, marshmallow and 50 shades of Turkish Delight. Don’t fret, if this isn’t your favourite flavour, try the Nutty Professor, Mint Affair, or the Liquid Gold shake. Drool.

Salty Dog Shake | Café Dbar

Not only can you spot a famous surfer or two at Café Dbar, they also have another claim to fame. The Salty Dog will definitely leave you satisfied after a surf session; made with vanilla ice-cream, homemade salted caramel and topped with whipped cream and crunchy caramel praline. Combine this with their fresh produce, spectacular views, art gallery and community spirit, Café Dbar is well worth the visit.

Redskin Milkshake | Easy Street Diner

So far it seems all the American-styled joints know how to mix a good milkshake and Easy Street Diner is no exception. Remember redskins? That raspberry-flavoured chewy confectionary that used to leave you wondering if your fillings were still intact. Try their milkshake version and you won’t have to worry about your pearly whites. This special shake is not always on the menu, but you will still be delighted with their classic shakes served in old school stainless steel milkshake cups.

Cake Shake | Melt at NightQuarter

Last but definitely not least, Melt at Helensvale’s NightQuarter markets takes the cake for the best milkshakes on the Gold Coast. With every flavour under the sun, these shakes are so gram-worthy and almost too indulgent to eat. Topped with all types of candy, M&Ms, doughnuts, marshmallows, Freddo Frogs, Oreos, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, lollipops…. Okay you get the idea. We suggest you get the crew together for the next cheat meal and make your way to the foodie haven that is NightQuarter.

Have you guzzled another epic OTT freakshake deserving of a spot among the best milkshakes on the Gold Coast? Share the love in the comments.


Photo Credit: Ariana Gillrie for Metropolist

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