This New Foodie Destination Will Blow Your Mind (and Your Diet)!

By Brooke Darling
20th Oct 2016

There’s a foodie revolution underway on the Gold Coast, bringing a palpable energy like nothing we’ve experienced before.

It seems each passing week brings news of a new spot that wants to wine and dine us, but this, folks, is a culinary development of colossal proportion. Are you ready?

Quite possibly one of the wildest new offerings to simultaneously drop on the Gold Coast ever, Robina Town Centre’s new foodie destination, The Kitchens is polishing the cutlery and confirming pre-orders with its regional farmer suppliers in preparation for a highly-anticipated November 3 launch.

Those who are thinking shopping centre “food court” can wipe those words squarely from their vocabulary. The expert team behind The Kitchens know it takes far more to impress you lot these days, so have gone above and beyond to create an innovative foodie playground with all manner of surprises in store. As we speak, they’re making finishing touches on a two-story interactive marketplace, with towering timber ceilings, a sky roof, and inviting indoor-outdoor spaces that are literally busting at the seams with new culinary offerings. We know. It sounds too good to be true. We thought that ourselves until we got a cheeky sneak peek a few weeks back.

We’re not talking about a dozen or so new vendors but, wait for it, fifty-freakin’-five (that’s 55, peeps) purveyors, artisans, chefs, and markets. From seasonal produce markets (think: gourmet delis, organic butchers, bakers, farm-fresh fruit and veggie), to grab-and-go eats, cafes to keep you caffeinated, big name restaurants with celebrity-status chefs, and exclusive hospitality venues opening for the first time in The Kitchens.

We’re not sure if we’re more excited for authentic garlicky Greek gyros from Melbourne icon, Jimmy Grants or the fact Noosa import, Betty’s Burgers and her heavenly milk buns are soon to be a quick drive from Metropolist HQ. Or, in what’s a real boon for the Gold Coast, Fish Lab by talented chef William Wu who’ll be working with nothing but the freshest regionally-sourced seafood.

Adding to the drool-worthy line up, recent announcements include home-grown Muso Ramen originating from Mermaid Beach, a CocoWhip outlet by BSKT and Fiery Deli with those Venezuelan eats you know and love from Burleigh. Nourishing goodies by much-loved Naked Treaties, from just down the road in Byron Bay, will also be setting up their first Queensland “Raw Bar” at The Kitchens.

Those lucky buggers who live, work, or play in the area can quite contently drop into The Kitchens each week for the next year and not hit the same eatery twice. For the rest of us? We suggest you start with a meal at Honey Eater Kitchen, Lucky Luciano’s Italian, or Mr Pigs Bakehouse by the same team behind Pigs and Pints. Then, while you’re there, take a peek at the roster from The Kitchens’ very own in-house cookery school, Icon. Yep, you can actually book into master classes and workshops to learn the art of bread baking, dessert making, dinner party hosting, and barbeque mastering. Sign us up!

‘Cause we know you’ll be inspired to flex your own culinary muscles at home, you can pick up fresh supplies at a bevvie of foodie retailers including Pure Organic Meats, Barbosa Fine Food Deli, Earth Markets, and Ming Mei Asian Supermarket.

Aiming to create a totally stay-awhile experience, we can look forward to a rotating schedule of pop-up market stalls, promising that each time we visit will be a unique experience from the next. Regular DJs and ongoing events are also on the agenda to create a vibrant atmosphere you’d not expect attached to a shopping complex. It seems our collective appreciation for food, service, and quality, local ingredients has really come of age of late—with the imminent arrival of The Kitchens being the juicy cherry on top.

Intrigued yet? You should be! All will be revealed at the grand unveiling on November 3, so whip out your diary and mark the date, stat.

Damn, ain’t it a fine time to be living on the Gold Coast?

Where: Robina Town Centre Drive, Robina
When: Open until 10pm daily after Thursday, November 3


Editor’s Note: This article is proudly sponsored by The Kitchens and endorsed by Metropolist. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make Metropolist possible. Click here for more information on our editorial policy.

Photo Credit: Daniel Hine for Metropolist; The Kitchens + Jimmy Grants

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