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Gold Coast’s Best Cheese Everything

By Alana Deghelli
12th Oct 2016

Is there anyone alive who doesn’t love cheese?

Besides the obvious lactosies, we’re pretty sure we’re not the only self-confessed cheese addicts floating around the Gold Coast looking for our next fix. So, in your very best interests, we’ve tracked down the Coast’s best spots where you can calm those fromage feels quickly and send yourself into a cheesy coma!

Locally-made cheesy goodness | Witches Chase Cheese Co.
There’s a golden gem hidden in the greenery of Mt Tamborine that’s totally dedicated to making cheese. Our kind of people! It’s fresh, it’s delicious, and once you’re done purchasing every cheese wheel in the vicinity, you can enjoy your purchases at the conveniently placed Fortitude brewery and bistro just a few steps away.

Vegan “cheese” | Greenhouse Canteen & Bar
Sharing is caring and now our lactose free and vegan pals can get amongst the chez lovin’ too at Miami’s Greenhouse Canteen & Bar. They’ve got the goods when it comes to the plant-based tummy-friendly version of this old time favourite, So get stuck into one of their insanely tasty antipasto boards, served with three homemade vegan cheeses to chew on.

Cheesy Wedges | House of Brews
Potato and cheese? Yes, please! Hit up House of Brews for their Cheesy Wedges. It’s a cheese, on cheese, on cheese combo with some potato wedges in between. We’re so down.

#Cheeseboardgoals | Your Platter Matters 
When just any old thrown together cheese board won’t do, why not get the cheese to come to you? It’s completely a real thing, and the savvy local lady behind Your Platter Matters is keen to ensure your next event is catered with cheese platters so ridic, you’ll most likely throw a soiree every second week just to order them in.

Cheese Tower | Salt Meats Cheese
If they’re dropping the word cheese in their business name, you know they’ve got the goods. Oh, and they surely do! Time to take a casual stroll around Salt Meats Cheese and lock in one of their many antipasto boards. Or, order yourself a cheeky cheese tower for one (we’re SO not sharing) comprising a selection of your three fave cheeses.

All the Deli Cheeses | Manolas Brothers
Organising a cheese fest for all your equally cheese-addicted friends? The days of grabbing a box of Jatz and block of cheddar are gone. You’re better than that! Go gourmet at Isle of Capri’s Manolas Brothers with one killer collection of creamy goodness for you to take home with you. Cheese heaven.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese | Tribeca NYC
Any venue that has their own dedicated Mac ‘n’ Cheese menu has our undivided attention. New Yorkers know best when it comes to the gooey, pasta sensation that is Mac ‘n’ Cheese and thank goodness the charming lads at Tribeca NYC chose to bring this baddie to the Gold Coast in of honour of their fellow cheese fanatics.

Strawberry Cheesecake Croissant | Bam Bam Bakehouse
Another reason cheese is so incredible? It’s versatility to play both sides of the taste bud game. Bam Bam Bakehouse knows how to embrace the sweeter side of cheese, and we recently caught wind of their strawberry cheesecake croissant discovery. Get in quick before it’s just a myth.

Ol’ Faithful Cheese Toasties | The Black Sheep Espresso Baa
For the little ones who’ve picked up a few cheesy habits from their parentals, Black Sheep down in Coolangatta can hook them up with the “little lambs” menu. It just so happens to be filled with your classic ham and cheese toastie combo and a real Aussie fave: CHEESE on toast with vegemite. Start ‘em young, we say!

Halloumi Burger | Terrarium
There are infinite amounts of cheese in the world to choose from, but, when it comes to the top dog the award must go to the perfectly-salted creation that is halloumi. We think a standing ovation is in order for the folks at lovely Terrarium, who’ve crafted this jewel into their mouth-pleasing Halloumi Burger. You’re gonna want to put Halloumi on everything after this.

GC’s Best Cheese Burger | Eddie’s Grub House
We couldn’t get through a list of the best cheese dishes on the Gold Coast without squeezing a tasty cheese burger in! Props go to the masters of pub food at Eddie’s Grub House, who’ve crafted the best cheese-smothered burger on the Coast with their simple yet elegant cheese burger. The best? Big call, we know!

Saganaki | Hellenika 
The Greeks know how to get our attention, and Hellenika have nailed it on the head with their traditional Greek dish, Saganaki. That’s Greek for taste bud-exploding fried cheese. Yep. This is a real thing and we’ll have five to start, thanks.

Four Cheese Pizza | Bread and Butter
Holding down the fort on pizza toppings all around the world, where would this Italian staple be without cheese? One of our local faves? The drool-worthy four cheese pizza creation from southern belle, Bread and Butter. A blissful combination of buffalo mozzarella, marinated feta, blue vein, vintage cheddar, and mozzarella will make all your foodie dreams come true.

Cheese Subscription | Cheese Therapy
Want to enjoy the awesomeness of Bleu d’Auvergne without getting out of your trackies? Do you keep a stash of gruyere on hand always? Well, Cheese Therapy has you covered. These guys are serious about cheese and have put together deals that will keep just about any fromage freak happy. Sign on up and you’ll nab almost a kilo of cheeses from around the world, delivered straight to your door. Nom nom nom.

Chèvre Balls | Hidden 
We love new finds, and Hidden in Tugun is the perfect place to swing by for some live tunes, cocktails and, of course, since we are here for the cheese, an order of their Chèvre balls. Think: goat cheese crumbed, deep fried, and finished with a honey glaze. Insert 10 million heart-eye emojis here.


Do you know another epic creation worthy of a mention among some of the best cheese dishes on the Gold Coast? Tell us in the comments.


Photo Credit: The Curvy Carrot

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