Gold Coast’s Best Coconut Everything

By Cayleh Ferguson
3rd Oct 2016

When you have 99 problems, the humble coconut may just solve ALL of them.

Dry skin? Coconut oil. Lactose intolerant? Coconut milk. Dehydrated? Coconut water. Gluten free? Coconut flour. Smelly house? Coconut candle. Topping off a lamington? Desiccated coconut.

Not only does the tropical fruit make you feel like you are on an exotic island, the flesh, milk and oil have an abundance of uses in our everyday lives. In a nutshell, we’ve rounded up the best coconut errything on the Gold Coast. You are so very welcome…

Coconut and Pineapple Kombucha | The Village Markets

If you haven’t jumped on the latest health craze, then we suggest you follow your gut instinct and get down to the Village Markets for a drop of Jeremy Gudsell’s coconut and pineapple Kombucha. It’s so good it’s hard to believe the bountiful benefits of the elixir. With the arrival of Ocsober, it might be time to put down the bevvies and pick up the buchie.

Bounty Ice cream | My Gelato

With spring in the air, it signifies summer is nearly here and we all know what that means… Ice cream, gelato, and sorbet nearly every single day. Hurrah! No matter what end of the coast you are at, you can find My Gelato at either Broadbeach or Kirra. Their Bounty flavour tastes just like the real thing and the Coco flavour literally tastes like a real coconut chopped straight from the palm tree, and is even vegan friendly. We all scream for ice cream!

Love Bird Cocktail | Sparrow Eating House

If you are after a drink that is equally refreshing as it is delicious, then the new creation on Sparrow’s spring menu just might be it. With a Mexican twist, it’s made from coconut tequila, mezcal, fresh mandarin juice, and coconut water. Just try and stop at one! Forget about a night in watching The Bachelorette, if you head there on a Wednesday night you can get four plates for $50 then wash it all down with a number of these bad boys.

Coco Loco | MexiCali

Go troppo with the latest invention from the team at MexiCali; coconut-infused tequila, spiced rum, fresh pineapple and coconut water all mixed up and served in the cutest young coconut. Seriously though, they can do no wrong. Sitting on the deck, enjoying a Sunday jam session and drinking alcohol-infused coconuts sounds like a mighty fine way to spend this weekend. If you needed further convincing, their tacos are off the richter!

CocoWhip | BSKT

This wouldn’t be a legitimate list without adding the coconut geniuses at BSKT. Not only do they serve up a wicked wholefoods menu, they’ve also crafted the country’s first vegan bio-fermented soft serve ice cream. Made from coconut water and coconut powder which provides natural hydration, antioxidants, good fats and beneficial gut bacteria, say hello CocoWhip, your new guilt-free obsession. It’s time to whip yourself down to BSKT and tick this off your bucket list, stat!

Coconut Bellini | Hideaway Kitchen & Bar

Picture this… Sitting on a swing at the bar sipping on a coconut Bellini and day dreaming of your next holiday. For those of you that have been hiding away under a rock, a Bellini originated in Italy and is made up of Prosecco sparkling wine mixed with peach puree. We think the team at Hideaway are onto a good thing with their coconut and Malibu rum version.

Madras Curry | Saffron

This gourmet Indian restaurant knows how to do a captivating curry—good luck trying to pick just one thing off Saffron‘s menu. We suggest the taste sensation that is the Madras Curry; lamb infused with coconut and South Indian spices paired with fluffy coconut rice all wrapped up in the nicest Naan you could imagine. Spice lovers unite!

Coconut Macarons | Two Little Bakers

This mother and daughter duo certainly know how to delight all of the senses with a quote on the wall declaring “do what you love every day” and a constantly evolving selection of sweet treats on offer. We don’t know about you, but we love to honour our sweet tooth. Macarons are notoriously difficult to make, but Two Little Bakers’ coconut macaron is magic in a mouthful and puts Zumbo’s to shame. Crisp shells and a creamy coco-nutty centre make for the perfect little bite.

Coco Bowl | Tugun Fruit & Flowers

Amazonia changed our lives with the introduction of acai, and they have gone and done it again with a coconut version made from sustainably-harvested coconut flesh and water. Tugun Fruit & Flowers have created a coco bowl that just might make you loco for the coco! Blended with banana, mango and coconut water and topped with different fresh fruit on the daily, you will be skipping out with a bowl in one hand and a bunch of beautiful blooms in the other.

Coconut Espresso Martini | Harvest Moon

Espresso martinis are definitely having their moment to shine, and the hidden gem that is Harvest Moon offer upto 14 different varieties. No we are not joking! Obviously our favourite flavour is made with coconut vodka, Malibu and Kahlua with real French-style coffee shaken to perfection and topped with toasted coconut. The live music, twist on Middle Eastern tapas and genuine hospitality will make it a martini to be remembered.

Koconut Kid | Market roamer

Famous for his freshly-grated coconut bowls and served in a real coconut husk with all sorts of delicious fresh fruit, the Koconut Kid is one you want to follow to the next market. From NightQuarter to GC Design Collective and The Village Markets, it is pretty much happiness in a bowl and totally worth one for the Insty feed. If you don’t like the feeling of coconut pieces in your teeth, then opt for a fresh drinking coconut to quench your thirst.


Photo Credit: MexiCali

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