Gold Coast’s Creepiest Rumours

By Alana Deghelli
26th Oct 2016

“This is a true story, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine…”

Remember that five-minute filler Freaky Stories on ABC; the one that was just long enough to actually make you scared until the next episode? Well, in the spirit of all things spooky and our love for a little mystery leading up to this weekend’s Halloween fest, we thought we’d creep you out with a few local mysteries for you to spook your friends with too.

The Clubbie Ghost

Although Palm Beach Surf Club looks like your average beachside surfy, it also just happens to be a local haunt for old timer and past club member, Desi Quinlan. Poor ol’ Desi fell victim to a shark attack back in the 1950s and on his way to the pearly gates decided the PB Surfy was a better place to spend the rest of eternity hanging out. Obviously, Desi is a little more see-through these days, which makes it hard to spot him, but, you’ll know he’s around when things start miraculously tidying themselves up. Probably the best kind of haunter we’ve ever heard of!

Tallebudgera’s Un-Google-able Mental Asylum

There are a few different versions circulating about the big ol’ creepy mental asylum that once occupied a patch of Tallebudgera’s Trees Road in the roaring 20s. The original building was built away from the eyes of civilisation and was demolished a few years after closing its doors. Yet many say the grounds are still haunted while others say that those who dare enter the property will end up going loco themselves. The creepiest thing we found though, is that the internet has zero idea about this place, no articles, no records, a few broken links and after trapping ourselves in the depths of page 35 on Google we think it’s safe to say that something creepy has definitely gone down and no one wants to speak about it. Boo!

The Broadbeach Gardens Lingerer

Thinking about going for a casual stroll through Broadbeach’s Cascade Gardens this week? Be sure to keep your sixth sense on the look out for Mr Ned Harper. He happily strolls the gardens from time to time, enjoying nature, the sunshine, and being part of the un-living. Yep, Ned’s a ghost! Coming to rest in the late 1800s, his grave is hidden among the flower beds and those who’ve caught a glimpse of Ned have claimed he looks just like a regular person, no cute Casper outfit, just there one minute and gone the next. Creepy…

The Devil’s House

So, a friend of a friend recently went creeping around the haunted house of 999 Springbrook Road (yep, that’s a devilish 666 turned upside down). Legend has it, the man who lived there came back from WWII and couldn’t cope with the post-trauma of war. He went pretty mental and one night killed his entire family before turning the gun on himself. The house has since been knocked down to rubble (still scary AF), but, some say you can still hear the man’s son screaming “no daddy, no”. It’s okay to sleep with the lights on tonight.

A Homeless Millionaire

Imagine being a super millionaire: waterfront Burleigh property, never having to pay for anything, taking in the fresh ocean air and just cruising through the day. That’s a damn good dream and currently being lived out by a mystery homeless man down on Burleigh Headland. The story goes that once upon a time he used to suit up, smash out a few solid stock investments and roll around in his cash. Until, one day he just woke up no longer wanting to conform to the norm, he left his millions for his mother to look after and went for a tax-free, stress-free lifestyle a few meters from the ocean. Cray cray.

Snakes Loose On The Spit

This is one story we wish more than anything was an urban legend, but nope, it’s true. There’s one big ass boa constrictor still roaming around calling The Spit home. The story goes that a deadly South American snake was randomly hanging out on The Esplanade in Surfers Paradise when police stepped in grabbing what they thought was a harmless carpet python that they could just release back into the bush. It was only later that someone figured out they may or may not have just introduced an entirely new snake species to the Australian wildness. For months search crews slayed through The Spit trying to find the snake, but it still hasn’t been spotted to this day… seriously where the eff is it?!

Do you know of another crazy story that’s considered one of the Gold Coast’s creepiest rumours? Tell us in the comments!

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