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We Don’t Want To Alarm You But Golden Gaytime Cornettos Are Now A Thing!

By Ben Tyres
7th Sep 2016

Ah, the glorious Golden Gaytime.

There for us throughout our childhood, and on a warm summer day well into our 30s. It really is the perfect Australian icon. You might think the tried and tested Golden Gaytime formula cannot be improved upon. Well, we have some news for you.

Thanks to the legendary “Golden Chief” himself, Jesse James McElroy there is now a Cornetto/Golden Gaytime freak of nature dubbed “Gaynetto” that we are extremely keen to get our hands on. James has done some serious legwork on this very important project, even going to such lengths as creating a prototype for Streets to work off.

These bad boys go on sale as of TODAY at petrol stations and Woolies! We haven’t been able to track one down as yet, but we are super interested for any tips, so hit us up on Facebook if you’re in the know.


Photo Credit: Golden Gaytime via Facebook.

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