How To | Get Over That Post-Eurotrip Depression

By Aimee Bricker
13th Aug 2016

It seems that once the arctic weather hits, or June-whichever comes first, there’s a mass exodus out of Australia to the sun soaked northern hemisphere.

Soon enough, there’s almost more Aussies on the Greek Isles or in Croatia than there are Greeks or Croatians! But now, almost as quickly as you all hightailed it out of winter, you’re back. It’s like the only thing that’s left to remind you of your trip is your jetlag and your rapidly fading tan (that can never quite be replicated with a bottle of Bondi Sands).

But don’t worry, we’re here to help with some handy tips of how you can (try) to get over that post Eurotrip depression.

1. Cry.

2. Embrace the jetlag. You’re in for a pretty rough time.

3. Cry a bit more.

4. Book an appointment with your GP because you’re inevitably going to get sick from the partying/lack of sleep/general airplane germs/drastic weather change.

5. Start every conversation with ‘when I was in * insert European city here *’

6. Constantly bitch about how you’re exhausted because of said jetlag.

7. Upload that Facebook album, if you haven’t already.

8. Appreciate Australian coffee more than you ever did before you went away.

9. Constantly catch yourself flicking through your own album and/or Instagram nostalgically.

10. Drink to numb the pain when you see the people you met in hostels posting photos of them still away.

11. Attempt to unpack.

12. Talk about printing off your photos.

13. Start thinking you’re an expert on the political situation in Europe. Because well, you were there.

14. Every time you go out to a meal, compare it to one you had in * insert European city here* that was soooooo much better.

15. Start to annoy your friends with your constant talking about your trip, but ignore it because you’re wrapped up in your Europe bubble.

16. Resign yourself to going back to work/uni/whatever you did before you went away.

17. Post a #throwback picture on Instagram- just in case people had forgotten that you went away.

18. Buy a Scratch Map.

19. Continue dropping in that you went away in every conversation possible.

20. Get a gym membership to work off the accidentally gained alcohol/foreign food weight. And then promptly injure yourself because you went too hard too soon.

21. Cry when you see your tan starting to fade.

22. Invest in a reliable fake tan and apply liberally.

23. Start a major Netflix binge. Preferably on a show with 3+ seasons where all are on Netflix.

24. Actually unpack (because you’ve run out of clothes and need more).

25. Scratch out where you’ve been on your Scratch Map and display it. Obviously framed and somewhere prominent in your house so that everyone knows you’re cultured and well-travelled.

26. Start planning trip 2.0 when you see how little of the world you’ve actually been to.

27. Eventually get over your jetlag and return to normal-ish sleeping hours.

28. Actually go and print off your pictures.

29. Be super alert every time someone mentions somewhere in Europe in passing. And add in your 25c worth because you’re an expert on that place now.

30. Ignore the looks on your friends faces when you mention that bar in Mykonos or that amazing hostel in Budapest, for the 10th time that day.

31. Find you’ve got less time for your Netflix binge because you’ve now returned to the non-jetlagged version of yourself who has things to do.

32. Try to continue your Netflix binge because now you’ve started and you can’t stop.

33. Cross this trip off your bucket list.

34. Constantly look through your photos, because now that you’ve printed them you actually can.

35. Start planning a weekend away, because you never know what adventures might be right outside your doorstep.

This article previously appeared on our sister site, The Urban List


Photo Credit: The Inbetweeners

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