Justin Lane Wants To Deliver Pizzas Direct To Your Burleigh Hill Picnic Blanket!

By Brooke Darling
21st Sep 2016

If you weren’t already pumped for the weather to warm up, so you can dig out the picnic blanket and waste away balmy weekend arvos on your beloved Burleigh Hill, you’re going to LOVE the super neat offering Justin Lane is launching this Sunday.

Picture it: you’ve smashed through the cheese platter, but are having too much of a good time to wind up the late arvo session and head home to eat leftovers prepare dinner. No problem! Justin Lane is one-upping their popular take-out wood-fired pizza service this spring and summer. They’ve just added a pedal-powered bicycle to the fleet that’s specifically designed for pizza deliveries direct to your Burleigh Hill picnic blanket. Isn’t it just the cutest idea ever?

Commencing this weekend, Justin’s Burleigh Hill pizza delivery service will be available Sundays only between noon and sun down. And, what’s more, these savvy pizza-makers even have their very own app (download HERE via the app store), so you and your mates can ponder the tasty menu without being those annoyingly indecisive customers on the other end of the phone. Our pick? You can’t go wrong with the garlicky seafood pizza or spicy pork and fennel meatball on homemade sourdough. Mmmmm.

Ah… we’re already daydreaming about all the epic summer picnics that await. Thanks for getting us in the summer mood, Justin.

Place your order on Sundays: 07 5576 2563 or download the app


Photo Credit: Justin Lane

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