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Nailed It | Make Your Own Acai Bowl At Home

By Brooke Darling
12th Nov 2016

Our fave season is almost here and you know what that means, acai bowls galore!

In honour of summer fast approaching and of local success story, Dwayne Martens, founder of Amazonia, recently being awarded the illustrious title of Gold Coast’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year (congrats Dwayne!), we’re giving you a pep talk about making your very own acai bowl at home. You ready?

If you’ve already eaten your way around town, now you can bring together all the acai bowl decorating inspo you’ve picked up along the way. Yep, eat your heart out Instagram, ‘cause you can claim all the glory and hashtags #DIYqueen #healthyeating #homemade when sharing your creation on the interwebs.

Not only will it look beautiful, but you can enjoy your “I-made-it-myself” acai bowl knowing you’re filling your tummy with a superfood that’s loaded with antioxidants, essential nutrients, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and more. We’re shining brighter just thinking about it!

Really, it’s super simple and all you need to do is nip down to your neighbourhood health food store that’s selling Amazonia’s frozen Acai Pure or Acai Energy packets, then follow this handy little guide.


• 2 packs organic, frozen Amazonia Acai Pure or Acai Energy
• 1 frozen banana
• Approximately 100-millilitres coconut water
• 1/2 cup of natural granola or muesli of your choice
• One handful toasted coconut flakes
• One handful of chopped fruit of your choice
• Pure honey or natural sweetener (optional)
• One sturdy blender and a cute serving bowl


Grab a sturdy blender and throw in the following: two frozen Amazonia acai packs, one frozen banana, and 100 millilitres of coconut water, then blitz until thick and smooth. Mmmm.

Next, layer a bowl with a few tablespoons of your fave granola, then gently pour the blended, frozen acai mixture into the bowl, and over the granola base layer.


While we’ve recommend a handful of the best items to decorate your DIY acai bowl, really the options are endless (chai seeds, choco shavings, mint leaves, edible flowers—go nuts!). Complete your beautiful dish with fresh chopped fruit, any remaining granola, toasted coconut flakes, plus a drizzle of pure honey if you so desire. For added protein, you can also blend in a RAW protein, or for added good fats (and crunch!), sprinkle with a small handful of almonds or unsalted mixed nuts. Last but not least, for a boost of greens chuck in a handful of fresh kale or spinach at the early blending stage. Voilà, you’ve nailed it!


Photo Credit: Claire Plush for Metropolist

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