Netflix Hacks You Should Definitely Be Using

By Rachel Lay
27th Aug 2016

Oh Netflix. Where would we be without you?

Probably out there living out lives, being social TBH. But that’s not the point, so let’s move along. After many (and we mean MANY) Netflix binges, we realised there are some things we wish our Netflix could do that it just can’t.

So, we scoured the net, put in the hard yards on the couch, and tested all the tips and tricks out there to deliver the best darn Netflix hacks article you ever did read.

Add Rotten Tomatoes Ratings, Trailers, and IMBD To Your Feed

Netflix ratings seem dodgy. Who actually rates a TV show after watching it? We know we never have. Which is why most of the time we take reviews from co-workers, friends and, most importantly, Rotten Tomatoes, as gospel rather than the Netflix stars. Too add this nifty little feature all you need to do is download the Netflix Enhancement suite, sit back and relax. You can find it here.

Watch Netflix In Other Countries

Netflix has cracked down on a lot of VPN services lately, but we’ve found that Hola! is the last man standing for this service. Simply add the extension to your Chrome browser and pick the country you want to browse from. Mexico has the best Netflix selection, or so we’ve heard. Gracias, Netflix.

Find Secret Categories

This one is the best. It’s most effective on Netflix destinations with much larger libraries (like the US), but still works a treat on our lil’ old Aussie selection. All you need to do is enter the code into your search bar and voila. To find the necessary secret category codes check out our previous Netflix guide here.

FINALLY Agree On What To Watch

Deciding what to watch on Netflix is tough. Especially if you’re deciding what to watch with someone else, who also happens to be a know-it-all control freak with bad taste and commitment issues (we know it’s not just us?). The solution: Flixroulette. This handy gadget picks for you, and may just save your relationship.

Avoid Buffering

Other than only watching Netflix at exclusively weird times, there’s actually a nifty way to beat the buffer. In chrome just press ctrl+shift+option and a streaming menu will pop up with fixes for buffering. Amazing.

Remove Things From Your History

Nothing suss, we swear. We only care about this because sometimes we get a little a too addicted to TV shows and we go behind people’s backs and watch an extra episode of a TV show even though you said you wouldn’t and then you get caught in your lie when they see the episode has been watched on Netflix in your history? This is the kind of thing that ruins relationships. Now you can watch, simply delete from your history, and keep the lying up. Click through to and delete that shit, people.

Use A Browser That Streams In HD

FYI, Google Chrome doesn’t stream in 1800p HD, just 720p. So, maybe switch up where you’re watching Netflix? Surprisingly, Internet Explorer is the better option for viewing. IE, congratulations, you’re finally the best at something.

Turn Off Auto Play So you Actually Have a Life (AKA stop binging)

One Netflix function that ruins our lives (okay, bit dramatic) is that damn auto play function. If you want to have an actual life, you can turn this off by simply un-ticking “play next episode” in playback settings. Go outside, look at the sky, feel the wind on your face, talk to another human. You’re free now.

Reach Peak Laziness By Having Auto-Play Work Hands-Free

Or, on the other hand, if you want to just keep watching Netflix until the cows come home, boy, do we have the Chrome extension for you. Flix Assist is probably the greatest invention ever—it will actually press the continue watching button for you. What an angel. Because heaven forbid you burn a calorie moving your hand.

Love Netflix? Here’s our picks of what to watch: our fave Netflix docos.

This article previously appeared on our sister site, The Urban List.


Photo credit: Netflix

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