You'll Never Guess Where We Can Fly Next Year!

By Brooke Darling
16th Aug 2016

Before you ask, NO we are not sponsored by Scoot and they are NOT giving us a free flight to spread this epic news. Though we wouldn’t bloody turn one down if they offered.

Are you listening, Scoot?

News broke a few weeks back that Scoot Airlines would soon start flying from our sunny shores to Europe, a gap left by Air Asia a few years back. At the time, they also hinted we’d be gaining some insane new routes never before seen from the Gold Coast. Well, folks, the juicy deets are finally being leaked with the first of three or four new low-cost routes announced just moments ago.

We squealed on the inside upon learning, as of June 20, 2017 us Gold Coasters can fly from Coolangatta to, wait for it… Athens!! O.M.G!! Sure, there’s a short re-fuel stop in Singapore en-route, but that’s a small price to pay for the ultimate summer fling.

What’s even more ridic is their massive introductory flight sale. You’ve got until midnight this Sunday (August 21) to gather your squad and lock in dates for your next Greek Island summer escapade. Well, you can book whenever really, but sale prices are starting as low as $419 each way. Slightly extra if you want to check a bag, but let’s be real, you’ll only need a half dozen pairs of bikinis or boardies. Yep, it usually costs more to fly across the country to Perth!

From Athens, the sky is pretty much the limit with ferries and transfers running out to dreamy islands such as Mykonos, Ios, Paros, Naxos, Santorini, or even the underrated Ionian Islands off the west coast (trust us, the Ionians are home to some of the most jaw-dropping beaches we’ve ever laid eyes on).

Having travelled to 50+ countries, and despite all its financial woes, Greece is easily up there among our top FIVE. So it’s safe to say, over at Metropolist HQ we are freakin’ pumped, and you should be too.

All the two-euro giros—come at us!


Photo Credit: Brooke Darling for Metropolist

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