8 Super Cute Indoor Plants To Buy Right Now

By Rachel Lay
9th Jul 2016

Indoor plants are filling up our Insta and Pinterest feeds at the moment. We ain’t complaining though, they’re super cute and make our homes look gorgeous.

There’s just one problem: plants are so hard to grow, we can’t seem to make them last past the one month period. So, we decided to put together this nifty guide to the cutest indoor plants and how to maintain them.

Not sure where to find some of these beauties? The compact but fabulous potting shed at Mermaid Beach’s The Borrowed Nursery is a VERY good place to start.

indoor plants


Pothos, otherwise known as Devil’s Ivy is the prettiest plant you can grow indoors without the effort. This lil’ guy doesn’t even need soil; keep them in a vase of water and they’ll grow. You cannot kill these guys.

Water it: Save yourself the trouble and grow them in water, but, they also thrive in dry soil.
Put it: These guys do well anywhere except direct sunlight.
Plant it in: A hanging pot to let the leaves take centre stage, or a glass vase to show off its roots.

indoor plants

Chinese Ever Green

The Chinese Ever Green is the real MVP – these guys can survive pretty much anything – including your low-key awful gardening skills. They thrive with moderate watering, AKA watering when you remember, so they’re perfect.

Water it: They can tolerate drought, so just make sure you don’t forget to water them!
Put it: Medium to low light conditions and indirect sunlight, away from drafts.
Plant it in: A wicker basket; let the leaves do all the talking.

indoor plants


Translated from Ancient Greek to mean Female Dragon, you know these plants are tough, and can probably forge a long-term relationship with you. They come in heaps of different varieties, so take your pick.

Water it: Make sure you’ve got well draining soil.
Put it: Warm, bright areas with indirect light.
Plant it in: A copper or gold-toned pot to emphasis the plant’s stature.

indoor plants

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig’s are so hot right now even Kmart has a fake one. But seriously, these guys are so adorable and vibrant that they will take any room from drab to fab.

Water it: Once the soil has dried out.
Put it: In indirect light.
Plant it in: Show off their vibrant leaves with a white pot to really make things pop.

indoor plants


Philodendron are a trendy variety of plant and despite the scary name, you’ve probably seen them before. Their name translates to tree-lover, because you’ll find them growing on trees in the ‘wild.’ Makes sense. The perfect addition to any flat lay, these guys are more than just a plant.

Water it: When the top of layer of the soil has dried out.
Put it: In indirect sunlight in a bright spot, say near a window.
Plant it in: A cute ceramic pot to show off the plant’s quirkiness.

indoor plants

Rubber Plant

Perfect as a little pot, a big tree or what ever damn size you prefer, these guys only need watering for half the year, so you’re onto a winner.

Water it: In growing season, the soil should be moist and the leaves wiped with a damp cloth. In the dormant season, monthly watering is totally okay.
Put it: Near a window with sheer curtains, no direct sunlight please.
Plant it in: A terracotta pot not only promotes good drainage, it really complements the glossy leaves of the Rubber Plant.

indoor plants

Peace Lily

Peace Lily’s produce clean air in the room they are kept in, so they not only look cute, but they help out too. Fun fact, the white petal we commonly assume is a flower, is actually a leaf that protects the flower. Water them when the soil is dry.

Water it: Keep the soil moist at all times and mist the leaves a few times a week.
Put it: In indirect sunlight, in darker rooms when you want more flowers.
Plant it in: a patterned pot with vibrant colours to offset the white blooms.

indoor plants


Succulents are so easy to grow and it’s almost impossible to kill them. They love dry air and sunlight, so don’t over water them, especially, if you live in a humid climate like us. Insider tip? The greener the succulent, the better they’ll fare inside. Leave purple succulents to the outdoors-y folk. Extra bonus tip? Unglazed pots help them drain completely to live a better, fuller life #goodparenting.

Water it: When the soil dries out, they need less water in the dormant winter months, so get the watering can out every 2 weeks.
Put it: Somewhere with sun, they looove sunlight and need 6 hours of it a day. But, don’t let them get sun burnt.
Plant it in: Use an unglazed pot to promote proper draining.

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Photo Credits: The Sill, Good House, Sitsitso, Spruce + FurnThis Wild Lifestyle, Vogue, April and May, and Jungle Interiors

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