19 Things You Won’t Realise You Miss About Australia Until You Leave

By Anna May
3rd Dec 2016

I know you all probably noticed this as soon as it happened, but a few months ago I departed the office and did something completely original. Yep, I moved to London.

Luckily, these guys still like me and have allowed me to refer to myself as the official foreign correspondent, as long as I don’t use the word official and only say it in my head… Oops.

Regardless, there are countless things I miss from home. And not just the ones I was expecting. The following is a list of things that have hit me with emotion like a swift punch in the face whenever I realise they’re not readily available any more. You’ve been warned. For the purposes of lols and lack of eye-rolls, I’m going to start by saying yes, of course I miss Tim Tams (double coated obv) and Vegemite, but you won’t find them in this article because, duh.

1. Calling thongs by their appropriate name. Not bloody flip-flops.

2. Yum cha. Dim sum is not the same thing. No pushy trolley ladies, no dice.

3. Good coffee. Y’know, the kind that doesn’t taste like dishwater?

4. On that note, got an allergy? Tough shit. Almond milk definitely doesn’t come as standard.

5. Awesome, independent cafes and eateries that aren’t chains and don’t suck.

6. Openly discussing the merits of CheezTV without having to explain yourself.

7. Tinned tuna at good prices in a range of flavours. Seriously, why are we the only ones?

8. Having the freedom to use a public toilet without paying. What the actual?

9. Enjoying polite and friendly conversations with people that serve you.

10. Saying “We’re not here to fuck spiders” and having people agree.

11. Christmas meaning fresh seafood and sunshine, not muddy snow and jumpers that play music. Although they’re pretty awesome.

12. If you’re living in the UK… Sephora and MECCA. You really don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone.

13. Not having to justify the delicate and noble art of sausage sizzles.

14. Sushi trains that are actually good, and don’t cost half your rent.

15. If you’re in the US… Money that can’t be ripped up and ruined.

16. Chicken shops, with crispy skinned chickens rotating on a spit like shiny, delicious beacons of hope. Also, chips with chicken salt.

17. Being able to watch Round The Twist on Netflix whenever you damn well like.

18. Using the “C word” as a term of endearment. I’m sorry, but I had to chuck that one in

19. Actual beaches. No, the seaside isn’t the same thing, and no, pebbles are not sand.

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Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

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