10 Not-So-Normal Burgers in Sydney You Must Try

By Sophie Hodge
14th May 2015

Image credit: Nicola Sevitt for The Rook

It’s no secret that we’re burger fanatics here at The Urban List HQ. Sure, you may have made your way through our list of Sydney’s best burgers, but how many of the following burgers have you tried?

From the classic beef patty to a burger injected with molten cheese, Sydney’s burger scene is bursting with new flavours that are sure to satisfy even the weirdest of burger cravings. Here’s our list of 10 slightly left-of-centre burgers you need to check out this month.

Double Royale With Cheese

Royal Albert Hotel, Surry Hills

If you’re looking for a burger that’s got the perfect balance of pub food and fancy, as well being off-the-charts delicious, then the Royal Albert Hotel in Surry Hills has you covered, big time. The double royale with cheese is a whopping 400 grams of house ground dry aged meat and a side of crinkle cut fries. This combo makes for a truly unforgettable burger experience that will leave you wanting more, more, more (if you can fit it in!). 

Bandito Burger

The Rook, CBD

Spice up your life with The Rook’s Bandito Burger. Filled with the finest chilli bean and wagyu patty, guacamole (because why not?) and chipotle, it’s a burger that’ll get a tonne of likes on your Insta feed. Served with a side of spicy wedges to keep the heat going, we suggest you wash it down with a causal Sydney Apple Cider for an ultimate Aussie burger experience. 

Kentucky Necktie

Stitch Bar, CBD

The crew at Stich Bar have certainly created a burger that’s not for the faint hearted. With a filling of grilled pork neck, barley, chorizo powder, pickled watermelon rind and Kentucky BBQ sauce, eating this is sure to satisfy the Americano in you. To keep the Texan vibe going in your meal, add a side of curly fries dusted in a smoked paprika seasoning. Yum!

Vego Delight

Pub Life Kitchen 

If the idea of a fried cheese patty really tickles your tastebuds, then we think it’s time you went to Pub Life Kitchen in Ultimo. Behold the Vego Delight burger—a crispy, fried patty of cheese topped with coleslaw, cranberry jam and a taste of jalapeno mayo. It really is a treat for the vegetarians out there who want a taste of the best burgery goodness Sydney has to offer.

Blackrock Burger

Blackrock Brasserie, Sylvania

Blackrock Brasserie has done it again—serving food that is as good to look at as it is to eat. This time it’s their house specialty Blackrock Burger that has us salivating—a taste sensation of juicy beef topped with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce and chutney. It's a mountain of cheesy, meaty goodness and we absolutely love this classic burger, so much so we may marry it.
Please note Blackrock Brasserie is now closed.

The Lord’s Cheeseburger

Lord Gladstone Hotel, Chippendale

This Chippendale pub has just been given a bit of a facelift. And with this new facelift comes a brand new kitchen menu which (thankfully) includes burgers. Try The Lord Gladstone’s classic cheeseburger which comes on a soft white NYC style bun, American cheese, house pickles (a cheeseburger necessity) and a special burger sauce.  Sure, it may be somewhat “conventional”, but it’s too good to pass up!

Handsome Mike’s

Surly’s, Surry Hills

Tucked away in Surry Hills, Surly’s delivers a taste of America in all its cheesy and fried glory. Don’t be fooled by the name, Handsome Mike’s burger is no fancy eat: between the classic bun is a delicious (but messy) filling of mac and cheese. Pro tip: enjoy this burger in front of your non-judgemental best friend and not on a first date. 

Greek Lamb Burger

The Burger Joint, Darlinghurst

Get a little bit Greece-y as you delve into one of the best burgers on offer in this Darlinghurst burger joing that’s literally called “The Burger Joint”. The ground lamb patty with rosemary and roasted garlic topped with feta cheese, smooth aioli and fresh rocket and tomato is sure to give you warm Mediterranean vibes. It’s also on offer as a wrap if (gasp!) burgers aren’t your thing. 

Tender Tokyo Burger

Bonarche Burgers, Leichhardt

Any Sydneysider who knows a good burger needs to venture to this Leichhardt Burger-making delight. The whole menu takes our fancy, but we’ve set our sights on the Japanese inspired Tender Tokyo Burger. From the panko-crumbed chicken to the kupi dressing and Japanese coleslaw, this burger screams ‘eat me now!’ It’s a burger experience you won’t regret.

Fisherman’s Sandwich

The Old Growler, Woolloomooloo

This Woolloomooloo hideaway is doing everything right with their Fisherman’s Sandwich. Between two perfectly steamed buns is a filling of crumbed fish, slaw, dill pickles and a drizzle of tartare sauce—a delicious combination worthy to be one of the best fish burgers us Sydneysiders will ever eat. 

Looking for more of Sydney’s best burgers? Check out the list here.

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