10 Of The Best Healthy Lunches in Sydney

By Anna May
15th Apr 2015

How many times have you got to your lunch hour, way past the point of hangry, and settled for a food court lunch that has you feeling dodgy until dinner? Too many, we feel. Never fear, listers, there are plenty of healthy lunch spots in Sydney if you know where to look. And luckily for you, we do! 

Here are our favourite places to get a clean lunch in Sydney. 


If you’re in a rush at lunchtime, a pre-packaged meal can seem perfectly reasonable. But when its laden with more salt, preservatives, and impossible-to-pronounce chemicals than your brain has time to process, it’s definitely doing you more harm than good. Thankfully, Youfoodz healthy food delivery service offer damn delicious and perfectly nourishing meals that are never frozen, so you never, ever have to settle for pasta that tastes like freezer again. We love their meatball and mushroom casserole so much we might just elope with it. Check out their full menu here!

Madame Nhu

A bowl of deliciously warming pho for lunch in the CBD is just the ticket as we move into cooler weather. And Madame Nhu has the recipe for a spicy, hearty soup (that won’t add inches to your waistline) down pat. We love the signature dac biet, but the vegetable is just as delicious and satisfying. Not a fan of the pho? Freak. The char-grilled lemongrass squid with rice, or a vermicelli salad will hit the spot. 


A sushi train can be risky when it comes to eating a sensible lunch; it’s all too tempting to reach for fried goods or mayonnaise-laden dishes. Makoto’s focus on quality means you can enjoy tastes of your favourite sushi and sashimi dishes without blowing out on unnecessary junk. We just love the sashimi deluxe with a piping hot miso soup on the side.

AboutLife Wholefoods

It’s about time these guys found their way into our lives. Part natural marketplace, part café, these guys offer a huge range of delicious and healthy lunch options for all tastes. We love to pack as much of the goodies from the AboutLife salad bar as possible into a box, while others may prefer to order something freshly made or grab a wrap and a juice on the run. Either way, it’s satisfaction guaranteed and not a speck of guilt in sight.

Wholemeal Café

There are just so many things to get excited about at this healthy café in Darlinghurst. If you’re in a rush, there is a huge display of salads, wraps and sandwiches for you to grab and go. We especially love that they use that delicious Protein Bread that satisfies us so well. Got some time? Wholemeal Café serve up a cracking all day breakfast so you can enjoy eggs on toast for lunch and head back to work smiling ear to ear. 

Miss Chu

Multiple locations
The friendly folk at Miss Chu make life so much easier for us lazy and picky folk. With authentic Vietnamese eateries all over Sydney and a no MSG, no added sugar and no nasties policy, you know you’re not going to have any food regret. We just can’t go past the sashimi tuna rice paper rolls, while the 100 per cent vegan pho is the perfect warming winter lunch. 

Henley’s Wholefoods

Bondi Junction
We love Sophie Henley, the brains behind this Bondi Junction wholefoods cafe, and we want to pick her brain for all of the delicious and innovative recipes that keep us coming back for more. The Henley's Wholefoods menu changes weekly in keeping with what is delicious and fresh at the market each week, but we just love to mix and match the salads and add some chicken or tofu. 



Tucking into a delicious bowl of homemade goodness is always a treat at lunchtime, and Grandma’s in Alexandria is the perfect place to get your healthy lunch fix. Everything is natural, made on site and tastes just like your grandma would make. The turmeric Israeli couscous & chicken will have you satisfied until dinner and with a grin on your face as you smugly pass up a biscuit a few hours later.


Surry Hills
You just can’t pass up a plate of perfectly fresh sushi or sashimi in the middle of the day, and Surry Hills Japanese restaurant Zushi has got you covered. In a mad dash? The grab-and-go boxes of brown rice, kale and vegetable sushi rolls are the way to go. Or if you’ve got some time, the sashimi salad or salmon tataki are delicious and nutritious. Score!

The Northside Bunker

North Sydney
Back in the day, lunch options in North Sydney were limited to a cold salad sandwich or a questionable quiche from a coffee chain. These days, however, it’s all about the delicious café-style food from The Northside Bunker. They keep it simple, with a slow roasted lamb salad, or a humble pumpkin and feta salad. Talk about satisfying!

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Image credit: Tanya Lee for Grandma's

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