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2 Minutes with frank body

By Clare Acheson
23rd May 2015

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware of the amazing epicness that is frank, the Melbourne-based skincare brand that makes the greatest coffee body scrub we’ve ever polished our precious skin with. Well, we’ve got exciting news, beauty babes! As of June 1st, frank is launching its first ever facial skincare range to suit your every caffeinated beauty need.

We sat down with the mysterious frank to find out what makes him tick…

So, frank, tell us about your latest product line?

I’m about to get all up in your face—or my babes' faces at least—with my new caffeinated face range. You can expect a creamy face cleanser (it looks dirty so you can look clean), a gentle face scrub for all those fussy-faced babes, and an everyday face moisturiser to smooth things over.

We know you love coffee, frank. Is it cold drip, flat white, long black or something different you start your day with?

It depends really, I like to change things up depending on which of my mummas I’m hanging with, which means it’s either a long black, a double espresso or a three-quarter latte.

If frank was a Melbourne suburb, which one would you be?

Collingwood as it's a little dirty, a little clean and full of coffee.

Where’s your favourite place in Melbourne for a pamper session?

The shower of all my frankfurts, obviously. But if I were to suggest anywhere for you to go treat yourself, I’d say Made Beauty Space in Hawthorn. 

And what about frank’s top brunch spot?

Are you picking up that I’m a little indecisive as well as biased? Tall Timber in Prahran or Little Big Sugar Salt (aka. LBSS) cafe in Abbotsford—both are must-visit brunch spots for you out-of-towners.

What’s on franks’ earbuds at the moment? Music? Podcasts?

The clever side of me enjoys podcasts like Serial or Invisibilia. The nice guy part of me puts up with some of my frankfurts enjoying the likes of One Direction. But me, I’ll always be open to a little Miles Davis, Chet Faker...

When frank’s letting loose with a few cold beverages, what’s his drink of choice?

An espresso martini to start the night, followed by a whisky...or three, served neat with a dash of water on the side. I’ll go where all the babes go, obviously.

Where does frank take a hot babe on a date?

I’m partial to after work drinks at Gerald’s in Carlton, a night on the Siglo Rooftop, or if I'm really looking to impress (and catch a flight), The Gallery at Sketch in London.

Have you any future travel plans, whether business related or a personal vaycay?

If there’s a beach, I’ll find my way there! My mummas are travelling to Paris and New York this year—I sure hope they take me. I’ll have some other cheeky products out soon, so stay tuned. And maybe one day, you’ll be able to visit me in store…who knows.

Lastly, if frank could buff any babe with an awesome scrub, who would it be?

Because I can, I’ll pick three: Ellen, Kimmy K, and Alexandra Spencer.

Thanks, frank!

You’ll find frank’s new skincare range online from 1st June—get scrubbing, people!

Image credit: frank via Facebook

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