25 (Awesome) Ways to Blow Your Tax Refund

By Zo Zhou
4th Jul 2015

If your bestie’s workplace is blasting through EOFY budgets with a yoga retreat on a yacht, there’s no reason you can’t live it up a little too.

Enter the tax refund. Whether you’ve landed a pot of gold for yourself or want your friend to do something interesting with theirs (and take you along too), we’ve got the list for you.

From things you probably don’t need to excellent eats at Sydney’s best restaurants, here’s how to spend your tax refund like a boss.

  1. Live like a king or queen and hire this jumping castle for your backyard (and if you have a backyard this large, we’d like to move in please). 
  2. Spend every cent of your tax refund on temporary tattoos, because temporary tattoos! 
  3. Buy your weight in tokens and find the weirdest prize you can at Galaxy World. We won’t blame you if you blow it all on the bumper cars though. 
  4. Nestle in to your very own ball pit, and ask your friends to join you (sure, it’s “technically” for “kids”, but that hasn’t stopped us before). 
  5. Who says you can’t buy friends? Hire a candy floss machine and see just how popular you really are. 
  6. If you’re canine obsessed and aren’t lucky to own one yourself, spend your tax refund on visiting every single dog friendly brunch spot on this list.
  7. Because everyone needs a watermelon doormat
  8. Tell a friend “let’s do brunch” and then get them this instead. They will love you for it. 
  9. Book an overseas trip to one of these international food festivals
  10. Work your way through Sydney’s 10 most WTF foods. In one day. 
  11. Ward off temptation by investing in a year’s worth of Youfoodz
  12. Get all the pants on. Fancy pants, pickling pants, Santa pants. You’ll need them all for these food events in July. Just make sure they’re all elasticated. 
  13. Get your pet’s portrait painted, you crazy cat lady you (speaking of, check out cat lady buys). 
  14. Stop shaming your hairy legs and tick off IPL from ThaSpa. Then maybe book your spray tan in so you don’t blind the general public come summer.  
  15. It’s truffle season, so naturally GO NUTS. #truffleeverything 
  16. Spend every weekend of the new financial year going to each of these 50 bars you should have been to if you live in Sydney
  17. Shout your parents lunch (we’re only half joking) from one of the 15 best new restaurants in Sydney. Think of it as investment in a better Christmas present this year. 
  18. Assure said parents you always have fruit in the house with this fruit bowl
  19. Discover what all the fuss is about and try civet (cat poop) coffee. It can only end well. 
  20. Channel your inner hipster with these gorgeous paper carry bags.  
  21. Present this jar of sunshine to the light of your life. 
  22. Loosen your belts when you order a motherload from the Bruny Island Cheese Club
  23. Book yourself in for a well-deserved staycation in one of Sydney’s coolest suburbs
  24. Sort out your Halloween costume AND your solution to pool lounging for summer, all in one inflatable donut
  25. Go glamping on Cockatoo Island because you’re kind of adventurous, but not really. 

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Image credit: Lonely Island "I'm On A Boat"

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