50 Meals You Should Have Eaten In 2015 (So Far)

By Zo Zhou
22nd Jun 2015

Time to get out your knives, forks and eating pants, Listers—we’ve got many a meal from Sydney’s best restaurants you should have eaten so far in 2015 (plus some of the best things that should count as meals, quite frankly).

From sticky pub wings to award winning sandwiches and theatrical sweet treats—we hope you have some serious stomach stamina for tackling this list! 

  1. The luscious lobster rolls from Waterman’s Lobster Co, whether you go for the creamy Maine route or take the buttery road to Connecticut.
  2. The melty cheesy carbsplosion in the form of Tartine’s lasagne jaffle.
  3. Slurp up the soupy xiao long bao dumplings at New Shanghai.
  4. The muffin to end all muffins (so it totally counts as a meal)—the Nutella muffin from Rell’s Kitchen.
  5. Thievery’s harissa-kissed wagyu beef shawarma kebabs (which you can turn into a meal by ending with an ice cream kebab).
  6. Besser’s nightly risotto, because you can’t really go wrong with risotto when it’s tirelessly stirred by someone else.
  7. The Hayberry’s spicy buffalo wings, completed with the waffle fries to mop up all the sauce.
  8. Luxuriate in the 63 degree egg at Harry’s Bondi with cider-cured ocean trout.
  9. The New York inspired Five Points Burgers—bury yourself in the Brasserie Bread soft milk buns.
  10. One-up the disaster that are certain on-the-go liquid breakfasts with the cereal milk from Dr Faustus. If you’re really going to drink your breakfast, do it right.
  11. Cross the road and cluck in to the chicken wings from Lord Gladstone on the other side.
  12. The adorable Manga “hedgehog” dumpling from Luyu & YumYum (no hedgehogs were harmed in the process).
  13. Get as plump as any of the pierogies at Polish café Wieczorkowski.
  14. Nomad’s no-holds-barred house made charcuterie, which gets straight to the point—because meat this good needs no adornment.
  15. ACME’s macaroni with pig’s head and egg yolk, finished off by the Malteser ice cream with candied bacon. We struggled to not write that in all-caps. You’re welcome.
  16. One of the oh-so-pretty Glazed Doughnuts (because dessert is a meal).
  17. The dramatic dragon egg chocolate surprise at Saké Double Bay, which will enshroud your table in a cloud and also occupy your sweetest dreams.
  18. Because vegetables and fries are a complete meal, the kimchi poutine from Chicken Institute.
  19. The BBQ platter at Hotel Harry, smoky as a Cuban cigar.
  20. The truffle or sweet meaty caramelised pizza from The Pizza Box.
  21. The steamy soft pork buns from Tim Ho Wan, which will remind you why you just waited in line.
  22. Indulge in a meaty swordfight with yakitori from Tokyo Bird, and drink to the winner with one of their amazing Japanese whiskies.
  23. The award-winning club sandwich at The Langham Hotel, with picture-perfect layers of ham off the bone and house-smoked chicken.
  24. The food mashup that proves Sydney is the bao-mb, Belly Bao’s Baoger (head on in Thursdays to snap up this baby).
  25. The nutty black sesame and the malty Milo soft serve from Aqua S. Because two ice creams make a meal. Fact.
  26. Resist the yakitori for Chaco Bar’s new lunchtime ramen. Just don’t make us choose between the “fat soy” and the “fish salt” (pork fat vs wontons—it’s almost cruel to make us pick).
  27. It’s borderline ridiculous (as in, it crossed some sort of line)—the crumbed, fried, and doubly delicious lasagne burger from Bertoni Casalinga.
  28. The cheeseburger from Burger Project, made into a full meal with one of their real vanilla shakes.
  29. Chunky chips, melty cheese, fried bacon. Have we stopped your heart yet? If not head on down to the Stuffed Beaver for their poutine.
  30. Soft, sticky, wobbly and unctuous bone marrow with chilli paste at Ester.
  31. It’s not just about the breasts and legs people. Embrace the whole holmbrae chicken from Pei Modern.
  32. If you’re going to eat fries, do it right. Get your crunch on at Ribs & Burgers, with a sweep of aioli.
  33. Rise and shine thanks to a sugar dusted, cinnamon rolled scroll from Oregano Bakery.
  34. Take a hot shot at Do Dee Paidang’s spicy noodles, ranging from Do Dee Monster (level 1 hotness) to Do Dee Supernova (level 7, are you crazy?!).
  35. The Merchant at Three Williams, a runny chilli fried egg and bacon brioche roll with some crunchy refreshing respite in the form of pickled slaw.
  36. Who needs lettuce or tomato when you can shortcut straight to a smoked wagyu cheeseburger from Vic’s Meat Market, enveloped in a potato brioche.
  37. Make some room for the pressed pork belly with fennel and pear at Barrel Bar & Dining.
  38. Surprise yourself with the coconut delight from Poke, which is actually a fish dish (sorry sweet tooths) complete with creamy coconut (duh) and crunchy veg.
  39. Ignore the naysayers and try the pea guacamole from Papi Chulo—who ever thought good old guac could be made better by the humble pea?
  40. Sink your teeth into the soft adobo pork and pineapple taco at Playa Takeria.
  41. Whatever it is, it’ll taste better with butter. As a tribute to this fact, slurp up some hot buttered oysters from The Gretz.
  42. Any of the rotating lamb dishes at The Commons for serious lamby lamb lovers (we’ve not had anything short of amazing so far).
  43. Miso’s unagi bento bowl with all the best things—unagi, soft shell crab and sashimi.
  44. The crunchy-on-the-outside, soft-and-rich-on-the-inside quail scotch egg at The Powder Keg (with crispy pancetta and mushrooms).
  45. The outrageously deliciously crispy fried eggplant at Petaling St with melty insides.
  46. The slow cooked beef cheek at The Roosevelt—you won’t need much cheek for it either—or even a knife for that matter.
  47. The crispy fried zucchini or “The Bite” at Café Shenkin, where an avocado half is covered in sesame felafel and fried. Yes, you read that correctly.
  48. Swipe your way through the silkiest hummus of your life at Erciyes with their fresh Turkish bread. It’s a classic and it’s delicious.
  49. Dive into ricotta so fresh it’s still warm, from Paesanella’s Food Emporium—and pick up some crackers we guess (we won’t judge you for eating it with a spoon though).
  50. Tick off breakfast with the “morning bun” cinnamon cruffin from Sonoma Bakery—a crispy, caramelised ode to what sugar and cinnamon can do together.

Still hungry (ok, we have to admit - we kind of envy your stomach capacity right now)? Check out our list of 50 Instutitional Restaurants You Should Have Been To If You Live In Sydney!

Image credit: Anita Wilhelm at Saké Double Bay

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