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6 Beauty Mistakes We’re All Guilty Of

By Rachel Stevenson
20th May 2015

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Some things beauty-wise are no brainers, but others? Not so much. Like, how often should you change your makeup products? Or wash your hair? And what is the proper way to pluck your eyebrows yourself? With so much varying information out there, we thought we’d do our research and let you lovely lot know what we found. Here are a few beauty mistakes we’re (probably) all guilty of... But not any more!

Over styling our hair

What with blowdrying, straightening and curling, we’re all guilty of styling our hair to within an inch of its life. Although hair is actually dead, we still need to take care of it to prevent split ends and drying out which in turn will cause it to frizz (and no one wants that!) Make sure you protect your hair every time you style it with a heat protector for super smooth locks. The look everyone wants!

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Not changing our mascaras often enough

Mascara shouldn’t be kept longer than three months after opening (who knew?!). After this time, bacteria begins to grow inside the tube which could lead to an ikky eye infection. Ew! Avoid this by changing your mascara often. Please!

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Plucking our eyebrows incorrectly

We’ve all been guilty of a bit of over-zelous plucking when it comes to our eyebrows. Avoid another eyebrow disaster by making sure you have the right tools (a cheap pair of tweezers are never going to do a great job) and making sure you don’t take too much off—just carefully pluck the extra hair that stand away from your main eyebrows. Be super careful not to pluck too much in between your eyebrows (never a good look). The beginning of your eyebrow should line up with the bridge of your nose, not the outer edge of your nostril. Beware! 

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Wearing our makeup too long/sleeping in it/wearing it at the gym

This one we definitely all do! Wearing makeup all day and all night is never a great idea as our skin needs to breath. The same goes for wearing make up at the gym: basically, sweat when you exercise is released through pores on your face and if these pores are blocked by makeup, they’re going to get clogged, causing a breakout. So, make sure you take it off before you hit the gym!

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Not using SPF

We all know we need to use SPF, even on the dullest most rainy day, but we can guarantee most of us don’t! Make it easy by choosing a moisturiser or foundation with SPF included. Simple!

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Washing our hair too often

If your skin and hair are anywhere from normal (meaning not super oily and not super dry) to dry, you should actually only be washing your hair once or twice a week. This is to prevent washing from stripping your hair of its natural oils. If you really can’t live without washing your hair more often, why not give dry shampoo a whirl? 

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