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6 Beauty Trends You Can’t Wear Now That You’re a Grown Woman

By Rachel Stevenson
6th Jul 2015

We know, it’s tough having to give up those well-loved looks that you rocked throughout your tweens and teens (okay, and early twenties too). But now that you’re a proper adult (scary, right?!) there’s some trends that need to go in the bin. Like, right now. Here is our list of the six beauty trends you can’t wear now you’re a grown woman (sorry):


Why, as a grown woman, do you need 500 hairclips to keep your hair in place, we ask?! Please, do us all a favour and get a ‘do that can be worn sans an entire packet of hair grips. Thanks.

Baby pink lipstick (or anything baby pink really)

Baby pink is the colour of the pre-twenties crew. Very hard to pull of without looking at least a decade younger (and not in a good way!) This shade should be avoided at all costs, especially on your lips. Fuchsia pink though, is a different story…

Coloured eyeshadow

Only golds, blacks and browns allowed, please. But seriously, those shades of pale blue, purple and turquoise are to be binned immediately! Until you go as your former self to a fancy dress party (or Mandy Moore circa 1992), then you have our blessing to bust them out.


We all love a bit of glitter, (just us?!) but unfortunately for your grown-up, job-having, rent-paying self, festivals are now the only exception to this rule. At said festival, you have our permission to make up for the lack of glitter in your adult life and go a little cray cray with it. You’re welcome. 

Hair braids/hair feathers/hair mascara

The epitome of 90s cool, basically anything that adds ‘jazz’ to your hair… Is out. If someone could let Ke$ha know too, that would be great. 

Fake piercings

These were cool back in the day, but now that you don’t have to ask your mums permission to get a piercing (okay, we didn’t ask either, such rebels!), these are not okay. Embrace your grown up title and get that eyebrow piercing you’ve always wanted. Or not, but just know that you can should you ever decide to. Yay to being a grown up!

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