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6 Wacky Beauty Trends Used By Celebs

By Rachel Stevenson
24th Apr 2015

Celebs will do the weirdest things to remain looking young for as long as possible. We mean, what regular person would let leeches suck at their face (yes, really), or slather snail slime across their cheeks?! You guessed it, the rich and the famous. And those aren’t even the craziest things these guys have tried! Here’s six weird beauty trends used by the A-listers (and okay, yes, we might try some of them!).

Snail slime face cream

Yep, you read that right, snail slime face cream. Favoured by the ex-wife of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, snail slime cream apparently has skin regenerating qualities. Due to its mixture of elastin, glycolic acids and protein (okay, we’re just using fancy words here, but they sound legit), it leaves skin super smooth, soft and glowing. We’ll take your word for it, Katie!


You know, the stuff you smother on your lips five hundred times a day now it’s (nearly) winter?! Well, according to the glossy magazines, Jennifer Aniston also smothers it under her eyes each night in a bid to prevent bags and lines. At 46, she looks pretty good to us, so we think this one might be worth a try!

Placenta pills

Easily the most disgusting trend to make our list, those wacky celebs are all having their placentas turned into edible pills. Both Kourtney Kardashian and January Jones are said to be into the trend. So what’s so great about it? Packed full of nutrients, the placenta really helps women recover after childbirth, enabling the celebs to spring back to their hot pre-baby selves.


In other mad beauty news, the celebs are now slapping nappy rash cream on their faces. Apparently it’s great for soothing dry skin and if put on overnight, reduces acne breakouts. Geordie star Cheryl Cole swears by the stuff to get rid of spots and seeing as she’s rocking some pretty flawless skin, we think this one might be worth a try. (Just make sure you’re sleeping alone, okay?!)

Vampire facial

So we all know Kim Kardashian will go to pretty much any length to keep her looks, and this really is quite out there. While not actually a vampire (sorry to disappoint!), the name comes from the fact that blood is taken from your arm, then using acupuncture sized needles is injected back into your face, causing you to bleed a lot. Technically called a ‘Dermapen facial’, it’s meant to stimulate collagen and elastin fibres (those fancy words again!), and basically make your skin super-smooth and wrinkle free. But all we can think of is the pain!


Okay, so strawberries aren’t the weirdest thing we can think of either, but how about rubbing them on your teeth? Umm, why, we hear you ask?! Many celebs swear by the fact that rubbing the red fruit on your teeth and leaving for five to ten minutes makes your teeth pearly white. We think Catherine Zeta-Jones can afford something a bit better, so if she’s in on the trend, this one is definitely being added to the ‘to try’ list!

Image: Project Eat Me

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