Dumpling 101: What Makes Them So Delicious?

By Sophia Fukunishi
27th May 2015

Image credit: Nicola Sevitt

There are times we eat so many dumplings that we are often convinced we are going to turn into one. This kind of feeling frequently happens to us when we head to New Shanghai, home of some of the best dumplings in Sydney. Located in bustling Chatswood, the dumplings here are juicy, tender and downright tasty, and you can never just stop at one plate.

But, Sydney dumpling lovers, what makes these little parcels of joy so delicious that we’ve turned them into a breakfast, lunch and dinner affair? We checked in with the team at New Shanghai to find out what makes a good dumpling because, as it turns out, not all dumplings are created equal.

Here’s what to look for…

1. Fresh ingredients.

The chefs at New Shanghai use only the best fresh, local ingredients, combined with authentic Chinese spices and their amazing culinary skills to create some of the best dumplings in Sydney. Starting with delicious raw ingredients is the first step in dumpling success!

2. Tender meat.

Much like fresh veggies, tender, top-quality meat is a key ingredient for dumplings that are juicy, tasty and ever so moreish. The team at New Shanghai expertly season and cook top-notch meat that then goes into their hand-made parcels of deliciousness, making for a real treat.

3. Super-thin dough.

There’s nothing worse than heavy Chinese dumplings that don’t get hit that carb and filling portion right on the mark. In the same way, dumplings that fall apart because their casing is too thin obviously aren’t ideal either. New Shanghai use premium dough that is a mere 1mm thick to create each one of their tasty dumplings—pure dumpling perfection!

4. Count the number of folds, people!

The number of folds in the dumpling skin is CRUCIAL to making a dumpling that you’ll be raving about for days to come. A couple of folds just isn’t enough…Ten? Twelve? No, we’re talking THIRTY individual folds to close the dumpling. At New Shanghai, they take the time to do this all by hand—so that you can munch them down in seconds.

5. House-made secret sauces.

I bet you’re going to tell me that the sweet chilli dipping sauce you pick up from the local Asian corner store will do just fine, thank you, but seriously, you haven’t had a true dumpling experience unless you’ve dipped them in a home-made sauce. New Shanghai’s dipping sauces, which are made fresh, in-house, every day, are next level. Ask for extras of the peanut sauce every time, Listers. You can thank us later.

So there you have it. Remember these key points when you’re craving your next Sydney dumpling fix, and you’ll be well on your way to enlightenment. Or, you could just head to New Shanghai in Chatswood and let the pros take care of it for you. 

New Shanghai | Chatswood Chase

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