Guac It To Me! | Sydney’s Best Guacamole

By Alexandra Hampton
22nd May 2015

Image credit: Alex Squadrito for Flying Fajita Sistas

Otherwise known as nature’s butter, the humble avocado has many a fan. Sometimes finding the perfect guacamole can be a mission in itself, so we’ve done all the hard work for you and found the best of the best. 

Hotel Harry

Surry Hills

Boasting a delicately balanced combo of tomato, red onion and the holier than thou avocado, Hotel Harry serves up some delicious guacamole that will make your visit all the more worth it. If it’s a just munch and go visit, or a quick starter for an even bigger meal (anyone for tacos?), Harry’s guac hits the mark everytime. 

Flying Fajita Sistas


This Mexican restaurant in Sydney is famous for its addictive homemade corn chips and guacamole duo that will have you chopping on down the whole bowl before you can say hola! Filled with chillies, toasted pepitas and fresh, creamy avocados, the Flying Fajita Sistas have you all set. 


Miranda & CBD

Mejico’s signature guacamole is smashed to perfection. Sporting a tasty combo of Serrano chilli, pistachios and plaintain chips means this is much more than your average homemade guacamole. Pair it with one or two specials from Mejico’s famous ceviche bar and some tacos for a tasty fiesta you’re sure to remember. You can hit them up in the CBD and Miranda, so it's double the fun.

Mr Moustache

Bondi Beach

If you’re expecting the classical corn chip and guacamole pairing, Bondi’s Mr Moustache is offering a fun and heathy twist with none other than beetroot chips to accompany the zesty, creamy guac that will have you craving more.  



Contrabando’s ‘Truck Stop’ guac is just one reason you should head down underground to this popular Mexican restaurant in Sydney's CBD. A mixture of smashed avocado, salsa criola, lime and of course, corn chips, this guacamole is up there with the best of them. 

Chica Bonita


Manly’s local Mexican mecca, come here for a fun afternoon with friends, grab a margarita or three and order a couple of servings of their famous corn chips and guacamole for only $6. Perfectly zesty and seasoned just right, means a visit to Chica Bonita is a pit stop that everyone will enjoy. 

Cantina Movil

Multiple locations

The food truck with a difference, Cantina Movil has been offering up their delicious Mexican food across Sydney since 2011. That’s a whole lot of guac. Whether they’re in Mona Vale, All Phones Arena or Parramatta, this mobile eatery offers up guac that will have you following them all over Sydney. 



Traditional and a dedication to producing authentic Mexican cuisine is what sets Azteca’s apart. The guacamole here is something to be reckoned with and it’s a testament to keeping things simple. Not overdone, just easy and fresh, Azteca’s is a visit you must make. 

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